Analysis diamond ring

Ring maintenanceCare is like? It is our permanent desire shining, most recently, a lot of people are daily wear diamond engagement ring, diamond ring frequency is very high. So you need very careful care of it.
Ring maintenanceWhat care is:
1, when you are doing housework and other heavy physical work, do not wear diamonds, no matter freshwater pearl how rugged the diamond, a violent crash can still make it “pieces.”
2, doing housework, do not let the diamond come into contact with chlorine bleach.
3, once the diamond loose, misplaced, or other damage, etc., please do not continue to wear until the professionals will restore “the status quo.” We recommend customers to each of our designated service location for your jewelry, “annual inspection” once.
4, jewelry store, make sure to place jewelry jewelry box or other box with a grid divided pieces away, and avoid other jewelry diamond cuts.
[1] separated:
Diamond will not wear, the most suitable to wear every day, but in order to avoid unnecessary collisions that whenever sports bathing units are required to remove the jewelry, do not wear should be kept in separate boxes, so that the lower hardness and scratch tahitian pearl other jewelry.
[2] to avoid the blow:
Do heavy work is not wearing diamonds, diamonds, although wear, but if the lines according to their direction may still be damaged by the blow.
[3] to avoid undesirable chemical exposure:
Doing the housework, you want to remove the hands of the diamonds, because diamonds are lipophilic, easily concealed because of its oil light children. In addition, it is best not to let the wear of diamond jewelry stained with bleach water, although the bleach jewellery manufacturers will not damage your diamond, gold inlay, but care will fade or produce spots.
[4] careful to wear:
Activities due to frequent wear and prone to loose diamonds, it should always pay attention to whether there is loose diamond status, should be every six months to a jewelry store to jewelry store for your jewelry for a thorough cleaning and inspection. In addition, if not convenient to the specialty cleaning, you can also do some simple factoring own, as follows:
[1] to prepare a small bowl of warm water, and drops any kind of moderate daily use cleaning fluid. Will be immersed in the bubble in the diamond, with a soft toothbrush and gently brush. Then every piece of jewelry clean water, with a soft lint-free cloth lightly drying. Note Be sure to plug the next pool.
[2] to take a small bowl, the jewelry household ammonia and cold water immersion in a 1:1 solution of the dubbed. Soak about 30 minutes golden south sea pearl before, the end of care before and after drying with a soft brush gently. Again immersed in the jewelry cleaning solution, rinse and dry with paper towels.
[3] may use any brand of jewelry cleaners, and with reference to the manual cleaning.
Ring maintenanceCare is like? Now that you know it, Xiaobian be here to tell you, it is the same with other items, will be he argued, dirty or stained with dust. Variety of solvent, powder, soap and even produced by the body fats are formed on the surface in the diamond film to reduce diamond sheen. In addition, air may also be xidized jewelry or make it fade.

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