heat exchanger industry

Heat exchanger is part of the hot fluid to cold fluid heat transfer equipment, also known as heat exchangers. Heat exchanger is the chemical, petroleum, steel, automotive, food and other common equipment in many industrial sectors, plays an important role in production. Especially in chemical production, the heat exchanger can be used as taylor made suits heaters, coolers, condensers, evaporators and reboiler, etc., are broadly used.

In recent years, as China’s petrochemical industry, steel industry’s rapid development, the level of heat demand rose sharply, but the limited supply capacity of domestic enterprises, resulting in heat exchanger industry, the state presents a tight market, a huge supply gap to be imported make up.

According to customs statistics, from 2001 to 2005, China imported an average annual heat from the 224,900 units, the total amounted to $ 1,402,000,000. Among them, only a year in 2004 imported 341,100 units, a total of $ 490,000,000. Although China’s exports are also a lot of heat, but the scale is much smaller than the size of imports (see Figure 1). In 2001, the import volume of heat exchanger, the amount and the average export volume respectively, the amount and the average price of more than 44,640 units, $ 80,216,000, $ 245.72 / Taiwan; but by 2005 the gap between imports and exports has been extended to 75667 Taiwan, $ 345,170,000 and $ 1,347.57 / Taiwan. This shows that the heat exchanger market growth in China much faster than the supply growth. Meanwhile, the average price of China’s exports heat half the average of less than the average import price in 2005 is down 25%. I can see China’s exports are mostly low value-added products, the low-end products, while imports are mostly high-end products with high added value. This fully shows that our heat exchanger products for the high-end demand but short supply of the market situation. plate type heat exchanger Expected to “Eleventh Five-Year” period, the scale of China’s imports of heat exchanger will be maintained at a relatively high level (approximately between 200 to 300 million units), and more focus to high-end products.

According to National Economic and Social Development Five-Year Plan, “during” China’s economic growth will maintain an average annual rate of 7.5%. The petrochemical and iron and steel industry as a pillar, will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development, the steel industry in 2010 to more than 500 billion yuan output Lottery Software value, the chemical industry output value will exceed 400 billion yuan. The development of these industries are industries for heat exchangers provide broader space for development. The future, domestic market demand will show the following characteristics: on a higher level of product quality requirements, such as environmental protection, energy-saving products will be the focus of future development; requested product price increase; on personalized products, diversification of demand trends strong; gradually pay attention to the selection of brand name products; large projects favored by large enterprises or enterprise groups products.

The good domestic economic development opportunities, and import of products can be transformed into a huge common heat exchanger industry in China pearl jewelry indicates good prospects for development. Meanwhile, the industry must focus on high-end product development.

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