Finger slender woman

The gold accessories wore the present’s pure gold jewelry already to get rid of the traditional old image gracefully, became the fashion is also exquisite, with decorations matching and so on ribbon, feather, savored is not absolutely vulgar.Jewellery manufacturers
These make one acclaim and the creativity ten full popular gold ornaments, may dress up for you adds the finishing touch the effect.

An ordinary clothing, matches a fashionable gold ornament ingeniously, can let you give people a hard time shines. The most essential question lies in: Whether you do understand gold ornament’s graceful matching rules? Whether to understand how to increase oneself mature woman’s charm using the gold ornament? Earring’s charm Regardless of you already had multi-US, puts on the exquisite earring, you will discover that you were even more pretty.


Has one’s eyes tested and wear glasses the earring,Tahitian Pearls
not only increases face’s brilliance, can coordinate each hairstyle, the development personally unique flavor and the style, therefore wears time must reveal the earring, achieves the decoration the effect.

Short hair woman, the neat style most can manifest your US. Therefore the button type or popular Bao Er the type earring is very suitable you. Time choice must pay attention to this kind of pure gold earring to suffice to be only then good brightly. Long sends directly woman, succinct and the romantic earring design can appear the nous is lofty.

The button type or the exquisite ring-like earring suit you. Time choice needs to pay attention to the ring-like earring’s outlook to be whether full. Long curl’s woman, the enjoyable magnificent earring can let you appears graceful. Hangs the chain earring most to suit,Golden South Sea Pearls
but, time choice must pay attention hangs chain’s connection to be whether solid.


On white hands’ golden light Finger slender woman, may wear the pure gold ring which willfully oneself like, the condition is good, Dai is Du how attractive. Finger clear woman, may choose abstains the surface to be wide or the design clear cut in developing the theme the ring, like this may shift the attention from the finger to the ring, thus let the person feeling be fashion jewellery Finger slender woman, may choose is comparatively similarly slender, the delicate ring, the fine pure gold ring may let the hand appears plentiful, can also highlight hand’s line feeling. Nearby neck beautiful decoration Short necklace:


The pate tall and slender woman suitable to have one’s eyes tested and wear glasses. If is putting on the shirt or arbitrage clothes, must the necklace dew outside the neckband. Length necklace: Do not hang as far as possible nearby the neckband on, should match the neckband wide big clothes. Long necklace: Suitable to wear outside clothes, and matches a design simpler long jumper, the long skirt or the trousers.

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