Taiyuan’s consumers

As the domestic well-known jewelry brand, the illustrious meter green jade room pays great attention the fashionable feeling and the honored feeling, and opened the brand to have custom-made the service high-level.

Has custom-made high-level is representing the high-end brand design,pearls jewelry
the craft and the service to the high standard, the illustrious meter green jade room high-quality jewelry has custom-made is a unique artware creates, but the filament crustification is this honored idea best manifests, thin like sent the silk the gold filament crowding around in ink green jade periphery, the achievement illustrious meter green jade room book reservation valuable thing.

, as soon as except for the Shanxi jewelry amateur’s careful arrangements, at this connoisseurship meeting, the illustrious meter green jade room will also bring massively rare the book reservation level jadeite valuable thing which for Taiyuan’s consumers sees. For example:

The illustrious meter green jade room visitor private collection ink green jade late gift parcel, the quality excellent grandmother green jadeite, and received the flint glass which the young people pursue hold to plant the jadeite recently and so on, the display goods even value is not poor.

The illustrious meter green jade room will be rarely found in the world the beautiful jade graceful sense of reality and West’s jewelry crustification craft unifies, entrusts with the jadeite to match plays the part of is different with the traditional jade carving decoration esthetic sense and the luxurious style.

It is reported that this green jade drilled the jewelry high-end connoisseurship to be able to unite more than 30 countries (boundary) inside and outside the high-end jewelry supplier, the making formidable supply lineup, simultaneously invited Shanxi and the peripheral locality high-end expense crowd comes to visit purchases, believes this Taiyuan station the connoisseurship no matter is worth in the commercial cooperation aspect perhaps the artistic appraisal aspect anticipating.

“two for several years, China has been the global biggest pearl producer country, but the flood market has been stature small, the value low pearl.”The US the New York Times yesterday’s report wrote like this, “, but, is developed day after day along with the pearl industry, now, China has been able to produce the high grade pearl, the price compares overseas also cheap many.” the China “the pearl falls the jade plate”, has overturned the international market.

The report pointed out that past several years, China’s high grade pearl emerged the market massively, has caused the global bead price to drop 30%. proclaims manager from China main fresh water pearl bed Zhejiang’s beautiful woman pearl jewelry company,freshwater pearl
during the interview said arrogantly: “(our country’s pearl) the quality is almost even better, the color are many, the price is low. How can not have the huge impact on the international market?”

Must let the American middle class could be able to afford the New York Times the report discuss this kind of matter: Healthy (transliterates) from China’s Zhan Wei, is making one to look that resembles the impossible matter:

Cultivation quality best pearl, moreover must enable the American ordinary middle class to be able to afford. today, newspaper reporter found this to be healthy from Zhejiang’s pearl business Zhan Wei, the beautiful woman pearl jewelry company was precisely the enterprise which he managed, proclaimed manager according to this company to introduce, in the second half of this year, the company will have massively (fresh water) the pearl produces through the new technical cultivation, moreover price compared to sea water drop cheap more than 50%. the China breeds the pearl is mainly the pale water drop, but the Zhejiang Zhuji’s fresh water pearl share occupied the whole world above 90%.

It is reported that the foreigner to is also mostly big, the circle, the attractive pearl to be interested. The beautiful woman researches and develops the new technology “is just right for foreigner’s Italy”. “the new pearl is specially big, is specially round, the color is bright, may with the sea water drop setoff. In addition, but also has sea water drop no color, for instance pink, orange and so on.”New York Times the report said.

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