green packing

The green packing design is take the environment and the resources as the core concept packing design process. Concrete is refers to selects the appropriate green packing material, the utilization green craft method, carries on the structure modelling and the beautified decoration design for the packing commodity.   Material essential factor

The material essential factor including the basic material (paper class material, plastic material, glass materials, metallic material, ceramic material,Email Marketing bamboo material as well as other compound materials and so on) and the accessory material (adhesive, coating and printing ink and so on) two major parts, is the material base which the packing three big functions (protection, convenience and sale) can realize, direct relation packing integrated function and economic cost, production processing way and packing reject recovery processing and so on various question.
In green packing designThe choice of material should follow the following several principles.

(1) lightweight, thin, easy to separate, the high performance packing material.   (2) may recycle and the renewable packing material.
(3) edibility packing material.
(4) may degrade the packing material.
(5) use natural resource development’s natural ecology can packing material.    (6) selects the paper packing as far as possible
Contour essential factor

The packing contour is a packing design principal aspect, the contour essential factor including the packing demonstration surface size and the box If contour rational design, then may save the packing material, reduces the packing cost, reduces the environmental protection the pressure. When consideration packing design contour essential factor, should priority selection these save raw material the geometric solid.

In each kind of geometric solid, if the volume is the same, then the sphere body’s surface area is smallest; Regarding the prism, the cube surface area must be smaller than the cuboid surface area; Regarding the circular cylinder, when circular cylinder higher in bottom surface garden diameter, its surface area is smallest.   The outstanding packing contour design should follow the following principle.   (1) union product own characteristic, utilizes the commodity contour essential factor fully the beauty of form principle.

(2) adapts the market demand, carries on the accurate market localization, the creation brand individuality.
(3) must take “light, thin, short, be small” packs, the exaggerating packing excessively as the stop and useless
(4) from the nature the absorption inspiration, carries on the packing contour with the simulation technique the design innovation.
(5) full consideration environment and man-machine engineering essential factor.
(6) utilizes the new craft, the new material to carry on the modern packaging positivelyContour design.
(7) develops the serialized packing contour design vigorously.

Technical essential factortoner Must want to achieve the green packing truly the standard, depends upon the above 4 spots is merely imperfect, but also needs the green packing technique to take the supplement. Here said technical essential factor including packing design in equipment. Craft. The energy and uses technology. But the so-called green technology, is refers to can reduce the pollution, reduces the consumption, the government pollution or the improvement ecology technical system.   Green packing design technical essential factor including the following several spots.
(1) processing equipment and uses the energy and so on to be beneficial in the environmental protection, does not produce harms the environment gas,website design the fluid, the light, the heat, the taste and so on. The pollution technique of production and the production process not use the equipment which to the environment consumes energy lowly. The processing process does not produce, the harmful material virulently.
(2) strengthens the dismantable -like packing design the research, so that the consumer can defer to the environmental protection request disassemblage packing easily.
(3) strengthens the green assistant, the green printing ink development.

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