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Environmental protection alliance energy conservation lamps and lanterns: The LED industry becomes one of rapidly most popular industrial. Ten years later is the LED world. in 2009 our country LED industry sale output value amounts to 60,000,000,000 Yuan, the counter city grows above compared to the same period 30%, causes our country to become one of global LED industrial development quickest regions. China’s LED market, is being in presently from 10,000,000,000 magnitudes to 100,000,000,000 magnitude significant spanning processes.

The related organization analysis, in 2010, the Chinese LED illumination industry output value will surpass 150,000,000,000 Yuan, in 2008 turns time.LED lights manufacturer
The estimate in 2015, LED will achieve 20% most quickly in the Chinese illumination market’s percentage, will lead the industrial scale to amount to 500,000,000,000 Yuan, China will enter global LED illumination market first three.

May transform as one kind the electrical energy into the energy of light semiconductor luminescent device, LED (illumination second-level tube) consumes the electricity is only the incandescent lamp 1/10, conserves energy the fluorescent lamp 1/3, but the life is actually incandescent lamp’s 100 times. Compares with the traditional photo source, LED does not use the mercury,dvb t tuners
the lead and so on easily to cause the pollution the element, meanwhile may recycle the use, is one kind of green photo source. Under the making energy conservation environmental protection’s low-carbon economy’s mentality, our country’s LED industry will do in a big way fast.

Environmental protection alliance energy conservation lamps and lanterns: Conserves energy lamp’s promotion along with Shanghai, consumed energy, the high luminance energy conservation lamp to enter everyone lowly, obtained the enormous popularization. At the same time, the worn out tube’s recycling handling question also more and more receives resident’s attention.

The other day, the Shanghai Environmental protection Bureau handled jointly with the city afforestation city’s appearance bureau, the city to conduct the special study after the letter committee on the worn out tube recycling handling matters concerned, sped up consummates the Shanghai worn out tube the standardization to recycle and to handle the work, set up the virulent harmful trash recovery point as soon as possible in whole city various plots, in the comprehensive recycling worn out tube’s mercury,dvb t mpeg4
prevented it earnestly to the environment adverse effect.   It is reported that the Shanghai next stage will take four measures to speed up the consummation worn out tube the recycling and handling.

First, strengthens highly effective illumination product promotion period recovery work. Our country has started the fiscal subsidy promotion highly effective illumination product activity since 2008, the Shanghai Development and Planning Commission, the city and so on three department 3 years have done the highly effective illumination product promoted work continuously after the letter committee and the finance bureau in the whole city, 3 years altogether promote the highly effective illumination product approximately 23,000,000.

in 2010, in promoted period, sells the principle which according to who, who is responsible, in promotes the area county, the street towns and villages laying aside recycling box by each promoted enterprise, and sets up the post-sale service point regular recovery processing.

In order to strengthen the worn out tube the recycling, Shanghai after the letter committee and so on department will continue this year still requests each promoted enterprise in highly effective illumination product promotion period, completes the worn out tube the recovery work.

Next, speeds up the experiment site to consummate recovery system’s construction gradually. The Shanghai Municipal government related Functional departments takes the worn out tube the recycling question, at present the Shanghai partial villages and towns street’s residents’ committee has been equipped with the worn out battery, the worn out tube recovery point, the resident may nearby hand over the worn out tube to the recovery point carries on the recycling.

Along with May “1,000,000 family low-carbon line,dvb-t receivers the refuse classification must advance” the project official start, the Shanghai Women’s Federation, the city civilization manage, departments and so on city afforestation city’s appearance bureau to take the lead in the whole city 18 experiment site street’s 1009 plots to start the community refuse classification work, in the experiment site region resident has been possible and so on virulent hazardous wastes to assign the worn out tube the refuse reclamation date (i.e. each month second Saturday) to put in the special recovery point which the plot set up, organized the specialized recycling by the related department.

At the same time, completes the worn out tube the detoxification to handle the facility. In order to guarantee receives the worn out tube obtained comprehensive detoxification handling, the Shanghai Environmental protection department impelled to complete the specialized worn out tube handling enterprise, year handling ability has amounted to above 1700 tons, might guarantee that entered recovery system’s tube to realize detoxification handling.

Fourth, establishes the worn out tube recycling handling persistent effect management mechanism. Including the mercury lamp tube’s production, the recycling, the transportation, handling involve many departments, to speed up the research to abandon tube recycling handling the persistent effect management mechanism, the perfect producer responsibility system and so on related policies and regulations, the Shanghai Municipal government related Functional departments from the production sale, the classified recycling, the safe transportation and detoxification handling and so on each link will begin, to be clear about the responsibility, the perfect policy, will safeguard the recycling handling system’s smooth revolution earnestly.

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