investment synthesis

In China “Media” magazine in 2004 in independent evaluation, the sunlight media investment is China privately operated (non-state-owned) the media information class enterprise synthesizes the strength compound first and profit first; In 2005 this evaluation,cheap evening dresses
the sunlight media investment synthesis strength is the second child the name, but the gross profit still maintained domestic privately operated media enterprise first.

The sunlight media investment’s profit mainly comes from its investment department. in 2007, sunlight media investment group partition for sunlight media group and red rock capital group two companies. The sunlight media group carries on the cross television manufacture, large-scale performance and activity, Internet community media and publication multimedia platform management strategy.

The sunlight media group serves under somebody’s banner the day female media Limited company in view of its goal crowd metropolis work place feminine community, the conformity related content and the commercial service, has formed the domestic feminine dissemination and the marketing company commands troops the brand. “the sunlight media group” serves under somebody’s banner has contains more than 40 years history “the wide-angle lens” and the US “today entertainment” the magazine and the over 740 Chinese magazine online publishing service publication department, its television department has “the Yang Lan interview transcription”,discount costume jewellery
“the sunlight culture” and so on well-known brand, served under somebody’s banner the major-type activity company to undertake successfully “sang sound Olympic Games”, “the world abundant start party”,

“the world postal service exposition” and so on large-scale performance. The sunlight media group serves under somebody’s banner the media through it, every month may contact reaches as high as 200,000,000 consumers. in August, 2007, Mr. Wu Zheng resigns from sunlight media group president the duty, take the Yuanyang light media investment group’s investment department as the foundation, the foundation red rock capital group.

Its Business agency including the undertaking investment, the financial service, the debenture issue and private solicits the fund department.South Sea Pearls
And the red rock undertaking investment department has surpassed 10 projects in the global investment. The red rock capital and the domestic leading fund management company fine solid fund management Limited company and so on has established the Joint venture, the entire red rock group achievement maintains the strong growth movement.

In addition, Mr. Wu Zheng (Chinese renowned television person) husbands and wives has established the sunlight culture foundation together with his wife Ms. Yang Lan. The sunlight culture foundation is the Chinese well-known philanthropic institution, is for the purpose of helping the poor the teaching assistant, through is popular teaches to assist students, helps the poor, wholesale fashion jewellery
impels charitable cultural the development, thus to establish a benevolence, the cooperation, the harmonious modern society to make the contribution. Mr. Wu Zheng and Ms. Yang Lan continuously many years are also among the best in the Chinese each kind of charitable place announcement.

Mr. Wu Zheng once in June, 1998 from took the post of Hong Kong to February, 1999 a Asian television’s two big opening television stations transport business President. In its assignment period, Mr. Wu Zheng raised and improved the Asian television’s viewing ratio and the financial situation greatly. from 2001 to 2002, “sunlight media” for world biggest Chinese network media company “Sina Net” (Nasdaq:SINA) the first major stockholder, Mr. Wu Zheng takes the post of “Sina” joint attendance chairman.LED strip lights in 2003, Mr. Wu Zheng is appointed is “the international Emmy” television festival president, the tenure in office two years.

Mr. Wu Zheng simultaneously is located at New York and Los Angeles’s US Broadcast television Museum International Board of directors member, located at Beijing’s Chinese science of foreign affairs colleges and universities Dong. in 2005, Mr. Wu Zheng is appointed as the American international television art and the scientific institute finance and commerce Development committee president. Mr. Wu Zheng is also the world leading network game company “the grand entertainment” (Nasdaq:SNDA) independent director.

in August, 2009, after “the grand entertainment” the purchase “the Chinese friend century” (Nasdaq:HRAY) controls stock the power, Mr. Wu Zheng resigns from “the grand entertainment” the trustee, taking the post of “the Chinese friend century” independent director concurrently National audit office president.

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