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Sells the field management increasingly to give the strength With the general merchandise, the family private, the electrical appliances, live at and so on professions to compare, the decorative lighting profession appears quite young, in aspects and so on management pattern, high-end reserve of capable people still has the big insufficiency. Along with these years competition’s aggravating, sold the field operator’s brand consciousness to be clear gradually, they unceasingly were also seeking in the management the breakthrough.

According to Chongqing East decorative lighting square deputy general manager Rong Gonghua disclosed that they through training, will ask the factory to assist frequently ways and so on to instruct, to the colleague visit to promote to sell the field the management level. Case in July, 2010, the Henan Huafeng decorative lighting breaks the colleague is enemy’s traditional thought that with has the advanced management,LED Spot Light Manufacturer
management concept’s Beijing Korea international lamps and lanterns port achieved “the management output” the cooperative agreement.

The cooperation development first carries on personnel’s training, divides into three batch. The first batch are mainly the management who aims at the market to sell the field management the macroscopic assurance; The second batch are mainly aim at the market regulation personnel, the estate management personnel and the security guards and so on an administrative personnels’ training; The third batch are mainly aim at the guest to take department the personnel and planning department personnel’s training.

Through three batch of training and the exchange, may enable the Huafeng decorative lighting’s administrative personnels to grasp the lamps and lanterns to sell the field operation initially the fundamental mode, thus further impels bilateral the survival of the fittest, impels to sell the field dynasty to be standarder and the order development.

Afterward, the high strength international lamps and lanterns port in turn the faction will be related to go to on-the-spot guidance work the personnel to Huafeng, summarizes the managerial experience for five years and manages the experience to teach gives Huafeng,LED Flood Light Manufacturer
causes it to become the Henan Province scale to be biggest, the scale to be highest, to serve the best standardized lamps and lanterns to sell the field. Review: Through the Huafeng decorative lighting’s case, we may see the decorative lighting sells the field to promote in the management, the management to explore unceasingly. A their like sponge, profits from the colleague as well as the other profession advanced experience unceasingly, but this kind of positive study point of view, also will certainly to drive the decorative lighting to sell the field overall level the promotion.

Recently, the Kunming economic development zone 5 attracting investments project collective began, including LED intellectualization street light production project, vigor shell semiconductor illumination project, tzeyun messenger bird bead mausoleum wall project, cloud glory gear engine bed production project and electronic information standard workshop, total investment cost approximately 1,500,000,000 Yuan.

5 projects involve the energy conservation illumination, the jewelry jade industry, the machine manufacture, the standard workshop and so on many industries. And the LED intellectualization street light production project pools capital by the Fujian Qing Dynasty energy science and technology Limited company and the Yunnan people business investment Limited company to develop the construction,LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer the project total investment 350,000,000 Yuan, plan through introduce the German vanguard technology and the production line, the construction year process 300,000 set of high efficiency semiconductors (LED) to seal the production base.

The vigor shell semiconductor illumination project invests 65,800,000 Yuan constructions by the Jiangsu sulpha illumination industry Limited company, mainly produces the LED illumination product, the solar energy light bends down the street light and the road lighting installment.

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