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the racecourse club

Comment on Shanghai numerous old buildings,” was the racecourse club” Museum” is a classic”. ” Brick” clock tower” far be Shanghai art museum building in high-rise buildings, see” skyline” in some desolate”; to enter the stadium,” habit” floor”, through the … Continue reading

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treasures jade

Four Chinese national treasures jade China ‘s four national treasure jade — Daiyue wonders, including poly incense Rui, Qunfang Lansheng, universal Tenghuan, is now on display in Beijing,Pearl Jewelry China Art Museum,” museum treasures” by Beijing jade plant nearly 40 … Continue reading

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the amplifier

The basic principle of infrared remote controlInfrared remote control transmitting circuit is used to send through infrared light emitting diode modulation of infrared light; the infrared receiving circuit consists of an infrared receiving diode, three tubes or photocell, they will … Continue reading

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the broadcast

Program content The show has a total of 30, in addition to the use of Mandarin and Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, Shanghai, Mongolian, Tibet four dialects and language, Uighur 3 minority languages were aired, all episodes, divided into news, reports, reviews, … Continue reading

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Television audio

Television audio Audio is defined in the language, music, TV sound in other voices collectively. TV sound is a sound, it is the real life people can hear all kinds of sound scene, including people ‘s speech and noise. Its … Continue reading

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English software

Third party software:   Because of Microsoft’s promotion vigorously, Windows Mobile has attracted the numerous allies, every year has innumerable third party software appearing on the market. If you hoped that own Windows the Mobile handset has some function, then in … Continue reading

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body modification

According to the color selection of wedding In addition to a white wedding, wedding reception will be the replacement of at least two dress to toast, farewell, then in the selection of other dress, in addition to the same attention … Continue reading

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