body modification

According to the color selection of wedding

In addition to a white wedding, wedding reception will be the replacement of at least two dress to toast, farewell, then in the selection of other dress, in addition to the same attention to body modification cut design problems, but also pay attention to dress color and his color to each other.

In fair-skinned persons

Comparison of no dress color on the issue, with more convenient, without much of a problem.

The skin is dark person.

Suggestions can pick some bright lines of the dress, can create a contrast between the healthy sexy atmosphere, as black in the streets dressed in colorful clothes, like jumping off well, but to highlight a conflict and eye-catching beauty, but this attempt is the premise,DVB-T TUNER
you must have an average healthy and swarthy with glossy feeling healthy skin, so gloss effect, can be the perfect foil to his charming personality.

In dark yellow.

Don’t try to like purple, blue, cinnamon, lilac, copper golden lotus … This kind of color dress, purple, blue can make originally not fair skin more dull and sallow, and cinnamon, lotus root, copper and gold tone unless the skin white, otherwise it will with the East had a yellowish skin and dress the integration of the illusion, completely unable to appear out of focus, distant view even without skin and dress boundary.

So in addition to pure happiness wedding needs to be carefully chosen, banquet while wearing a dress can not be ignored, because even if the dress design with their body combination again how perfect, as long as a pick is not suitable for their own skin tone style,Water slide
the whole of you at the wedding reception that colorful startled four bright style,” is jump out, that would be too bad!

Save the wedding tips

Wedding dress to buy home, after the wedding, be careful to hide it in the, last a lifetime. However, if you easily give it to the streets of small laundry, may regret for a lifetime – for wedding maintenance and other precious clothes is very different. But as long as the master of a few tips, cleaning, preservation of his wedding is not difficult.

Wash the dress, wet cleaning is critical, because the wedding on the small decoration, such as beaded trim, is not dry chemical erosion, best method is to put the wedding in mixed with mild, neutral detergent water, soak for a while, it can wash away the banquet of wine,Plastic wood
lard, left the stains, soak for a while, even invisible stains, such as perspiration stains can also remove liquor.

Wedding wash, dry thoroughly, can collection, to be stored in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, remember, don’t hang up the wedding, because, night after night, there’s the wedding will have vertical weight force, the skirt body elongated even tear. Wedding dress stays within the big collection up can be reversed, but every Fanshai clothing, to hoop skirt restitution, lest it lose elasticity.

There are two problems must be mentioned: a collection of wedding must wash their hands before, do not glue cosmetics, or for a long time, Playground equipment there will be a small yellow spot on the wedding.

The white wedding dress store for a long time easy to yellow, so wet cleaning is critical, because the wedding on the small decorative not dry cleaning chemical erosion. The wedding in the mixed with mild, neutral detergent water immersion, cleaning; cannot use the washing machine washing and dehydration, also cannot be in the sun exposure, explosive sun wedding will become brittle, skirt, beads, decorative flowers fall off easily.

The dry, should be stored in a cool dry place. But don’t hang up, wedding, because the wedding the vertical force to the elongated body skirt even tear.

The wedding collection must wash their hands before, do not glue cosmetics, or for a long time there will be a small yellow spot on the wedding.

The use by ultraviolet and ozone disinfection best.

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