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Third party software:   Because of Microsoft’s promotion vigorously, Windows Mobile has attracted the numerous allies, every year has innumerable third party software appearing on the market. If you hoped that own Windows the Mobile handset has some function, then in the market condition should have the enough software to choose for you, but majority is English software.

Found these softwares not to be difficult, Handango and in the PocketGear website has provided all kinds of Windows the Mobile software,promotion popularizes
what was difficult was the purchase and the registration, abandoned the expensive expense not saying that in the ordinary circumstances needed an international credit card to be able to be able to complete the purchase procedure, therefore this is not convenient at present regarding our China users.

In each kind of application software, the game is the thing which each people cannot leave, Windows under the Mobile platform has the outstanding game, for instance on the palm the version “Empire Time”, “Hammer of the God of thunder”, “Mystical Island”, it even can also through install DosSimulator movement classics “Immortal Sword Wonderful Variant Biography”.

Summary:   Windows Mobile takes on the software giant Microsoft’s palm the edition operating system, has the congenital superiority with tabletop PC and the Office work’s compatible aspect, moreover WM has the formidable multimedia performance,digital television
the work entertainment without hampering the other, enables him to become one of most potential operating systems. Certainly, its shortcoming is also very obvious: The software use is complex, the system unstable, the hardware requests high, these are unnegligible.


05 years of the computer operating system is Palm overlord, then in the high-end PDA uniform are Palm and Sony products, but almost all foreign brought back the smuggled goods. But Palm operating system now already scene no longer, when Sony announced its withdrawal from the international PDA market ( equal to actually announced to stop production of Palm operating system PDA, because Sony all PDA are Palm system ), the Palm as an avalanche, but for the fact that Sony ‘s exit would be Palm by Sheng Zhuanshuai the watershed, then Palm market share gradually by the Windows Mobile nibble.

Last year, the Palm operating system developers — PalmSource — by the Japanese software company Access acquisition, the acquisition of accelerated decline Palm system. After Palm launched by Windows Mobile operating system Treo 700W, confirmed the Palm on the Palm operating system lack of confidence, it hopes to adopt two palm operating system, so as to reduce the risk of future.development direction Palm’s wait-and-see attitude to become future handheld operating system development direction indicator, make competitive balance more Windows Mobile party.

The one disaster after another is, already released Palm OS 6 but no one shows any interest in, and even Palm companies do not have any upgrade version of Palm OS will use. The result is the market for all the latest Palm operating system machine runs three years ago Palm OS 5 ( mostly 5.4 edition ). Fortunately, the old system there is always a new system — even if the Palm operating system retained the multimedia playback performance shortcomings of the weak, but it is available in the market the most stable operating system. Now palm acquired by hp. Hope to be able to go on the road.

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