Television audio

Television audio

Audio is defined in the language, music, TV sound in other voices collectively. TV sound is a sound, it is the real life people can hear all kinds of sound scene, including people ‘s speech and noise. Its main function is to enhance the sense of the scene, the audience like be personally on the scene. Sound effects can be sum up including the following several aspects:

1, strengthens the scene feeling, increase the atmosphere. Live sound and picture with appearance, can enhance the programming reflects life sense of reality, so that the viewer seems to live the same kindness.

2, can cause the audience.electronic document
In the next screen appears before the first out of the picture, sound, can make the audience a feeling to the next picture.

3, increase the screen space. The screen voice can show certain scenarios, it can make the show is not only a picture can see, also includes a picture and performance space. If the picture is the mother sad expressions of the close-up, picture outside her child by the enemy tortured sounds miserable, mother be torn with grief, fainted. The audience did not see the enemy to hit a child, but the child cries mother and responses can be imagined enemies hit children scene, the sound performance of indirect method, often can obtain very good results.

4, coherent picture, to help convert screen. His voice as a background, can take different scenes of queue picture series. If the speaker continues,Display belongs
scenes from the speaker to the auditorium panorama, an older person, listened to by the young, then from big horn closeup roll down, a lot of farmers under a tree to listen to, with the speaker’s voice had different scenes of the lens is connected.

The television program dubs in music   What dubs in music refers to is specially music which matches for the picture, but is not the musical sound which in the sound includes, dubs in music can strengthen the picture and the language power, helps to express the feelings, causes a picture richer ideal condition. Background music’s function has the multiplicity:

1st, fill background blank. This is one kind of significance not big neutral music, it uses in filling the background blank. If in the acoustic blank, in dialog’s discomforting intermittence, it does not have the intrinsic value, but can cause the sense of hearing space becomes full, and causes because to lack the background sound appears the monotonous picture becomes substantial.

2nd, draws out the recollection association. The background music may draw support in the visual factor creates the sound picture combination effect, causes audience’s recollection and the association has obviously by the head, and the content relation has the contrast and the daydream at present through the past content.

3rd, help mood racing. When the people mood occurs transforms suddenly, if correspondingly appears after the racing the mood tallies music,Display classification can cause the mood the transformation to be more prominent and to be impressive, displays person’s inner world well.

4th, help cut picture. In a group cranks up with the visual montage tactic pattern in the lens, the background music may also relate in the visual incoherent lens, provides the transition for the ocular change.

5th, beautification. A beautiful picture adds on the poem general commentary, after being joined to the suitable music, will become more beautiful.

The reason that the sound can become the television this seeing and hearing art the important component, is people’s physiological factor decided. Therefore, for can cause the program to obtain the audience to welcome, should rest on the program content need, carries on the unification to the sound the design and the possible arrangement, but should also defer to the television program fact, to illustrated that factors and so on sound, music perform different processing and the processing in the establishment process.

Generally speaking, illustrated that table Italy, the acoustic table, music expression, three may also also appear really, but cannot each does what he thinks is right, disturb mutually, only then like this, can cause the sound in the television program the full display function, causes the television program to display perfectly.

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