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Program content

The show has a total of 30, in addition to the use of Mandarin and Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, Shanghai, Mongolian, Tibet four dialects and language, Uighur 3 minority languages were aired, all episodes, divided into news, reports, reviews, music, art, integrated 6 kinds big, 24 hours following the broadcast.

The station ‘s existing short-wave transmitter much ministry, output power has been strengthened in year after year, pronunciation center is located in Taipei, the existing sound chamber 3 groups, using a semi-automatic control card new equipment, recording, playback operation has been executed. Broadcast after the microwave transmission, from north to south, the middle is provided with 3 microwave station transmits programs, each of the stations are equipped with self-provided generator, to protect the program without interruption.

The station transmits on the mainland around the base, respectively, each target region directional broadcast all types of programs. The broadcast often according to mainland situation and its main objective conditions needs to be flexible adjustment, the so-called” political appeal”,” propaganda”, “critical hit” to establish the shift of the policy.


CCTV ( 15 ) CCTV is China’s important news media organizations, is the party, government and people of the important mouthpiece, is China’s important ideological and cultural front, China today is the most competitive one of the mainstream media, with the dissemination of news, social education, cultural entertainment, information service and other functions, is the the public access to information on the main channel, is also China’s understanding of the world, the world understand China ‘s important window, in the world the influence is growing.

The establishment of departments

CCTV is a national vice ministerial-level business unit, equipped with 16 deputy bureau class center ( room ), including the office, chief editor’s office, personnel office, financial office, Party organs, news center, overseas program center, educational programs, entertainment center, commercial center for Economic Information Center, sports center, youth programs Center, network media center,television performance
office of technology management, technology production center, broadcast transmission center; directly under the 3 class unit, including the monitor chamber, the audit department, Chinese television news; as well as new Taiwan site construction project office ( temporary organization).

Units directly under the

CCTV units include: Chinese TV drama production center, established in October 18, 1983, the national television production professional institutions; Central Newsreel and documentary film studio ( CCTV new film production center ), 1993 classified, filming documentaries, and for the station to assume program production; Beijing science education film studio ( CCTV division video production center ), 1995 was placed under the science and educational films, shooting, and bear the station programming,average ratings
production of animated cartoons;

China International Television Corporation, established in 1984, is a wholly owned company of CCTV, including film and television production business, program sales, network communication, advertising and marketing, tourism development, market research, such as industrial development; Central Satellite Television Communication Center, established in 1995, is responsible for the satellite scrambled television operation; central digital TV Media Limited, established in 2003, is responsible for central digital pay TV platform operators, responsible for CCTV pay-TV channel market operation; China Philharmonic Orchestra, 2004 transferred, for the domestic first-class orchestra.

In addition, CCTV has been / China network television,” Chinese television reported” and the published literature on” TV”,” modern television technology” and so on, has the largest domestic radio and television audio and video archive ( and administration building ).

CCTV has been initially formed in the television industry, film, Internet, newspapers and periodicals, audio-visual publishing houses the mutual support of multimedia publicity, advertising business and industrial development of the diversified pattern.Wireless is food Taiwan Since reforming and opening, CCTV development is swift and violent, change rapidly.

Currently a total of 25 sets of TV programs run, respectively comprehensive channel, CNBC, entertainment channel, Chinese International Channel – Asian, Chinese International Channel – European, Chinese international channel, sports channel, the American movie channel, military channel, agriculture TV channel, channel, record recording channel – English, science, opera channel, society and law channel, news channel, the children’s channel, channel music, HD channel, 5 + sports channel, news in English, Spanish and international channel, French international channel, Arabic international channels and Russian channel, content covers almost all fields of social life.

At present the whole table column totals more than 400, broadcast on amounted to 270 hours, the self-made program accounted for total volume of broadcast 75.3l%, use, Britain and France, Spain, Arabia, Russia, in six languages and Cantonese, Minnan dialect and other dialects to the domestic and international broadcast. National population coverage rate of 90%, more than 1100000000 people in the audience.

Chinese international channel, English news channel transmitted via satellite global coverage, Spanish international channel, French international channel, Arabic international channels have also been covering Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa and other countries and regions. 2004, CCTV to invest in the establishment of the central digital TV Media Limited company also built two high level of digital TV channel — overseas drama channel and foreign entertainment channel, has landed in North america.

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