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The basic principle of infrared remote controlInfrared remote control transmitting circuit is used to send through infrared light emitting diode modulation of infrared light; the infrared receiving circuit consists of an infrared receiving diode, three tubes or photocell, they will launch the infrared emitter infrared light is converted to a corresponding electrical signals, then send the amplifier.
Transmitter in general by the command key ( or joystick ), instruction coding system, a modulation circuit, drive circuit, firing circuit. When the press keys or push rod, command coding circuit generates the required instruction coding signal, instruction coding signal to modulate a carrier, and a driving circuit for power amplification by an emission circuit emits out the formulation of the instruction encoding signal.
The receiving circuit is generally composed of a receiving circuit, an amplifying circuit, a modulation circuit, the instruction decoding circuit, driving circuit, the executive circuit ( mechanism ) etc.. Transmitter receiver circuits will be issued by the coding instructions have been modulated signal receiving and amplifying circuit, after demodulation, demodulation circuit modulated instructions encoded signal demodulation, i.e. reduction for coded signal. Instruction decoder for decoding coded command signals, and a driving circuit to drive the implementation of various directives of the circuit operation control ( mechanism ).The application of infrared remote control
Because the infrared remote control is not like radio remote control way through obstacles to control the controlled object of the ability, therefore, in the design of household appliances infrared remote control, unnecessary like radio remote controller, each ( transmitter and receiver) to a different remote control frequency or code ( otherwise, will partition control or interference neighbors home electrical appliances ), the same products infrared remote control, can have the same remote control frequency or code, without the occurrence of remote control signal” drop”.
The mass production and widely used in household appliances on the infrared remote control provides a great convenience. Because the infrared to visible light, so the small influence on environment, and then by the infrared light wave wavelength is much smaller than the wavelength of the radio waves, infrared remote control does not affect the other household appliances, also won’t affect neighboring radio equipment.

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