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Four Chinese national treasures jade

China ‘s four national treasure jade — Daiyue wonders, including poly incense Rui, Qunfang Lansheng, universal Tenghuan, is now on display in Beijing,Pearl Jewelry
China Art Museum,” museum treasures” by Beijing jade plant nearly 40 jade carving master, using four large Pei Cui raw, begin from 1982, takes a full six years Jingdiaoxike four pieces of a very precious jade carving works.

Emerald landscape” wonders of Daiyue”

78 cm high, 83 cm wide, 50 cm thick, weighs 363.8 kg. This piece of work to the precious green full performance of Taishan positive view, highlighting the eighteen disc, Yuhuangding, Yunbuqiao and other wonders, showed Taishan ‘s majestic and profound artistic conception.

Emerald flower fragrance” fragrant” Swiss poly

High 71 cm wide and 56 cm thick, 40 cm, weight 274 kg. The main body is embalmed with two semicircular spheres, Yuandiao, relief, set deep blue hollowing carved in one, comprehensive embodiment of contemporary Chinese jade carving skills there is nothing comparable to this high, fine, sharp horizontal.

Emerald flower basket” Qunfang Lansheng”

Basket 64 cm high,evil color mixing
which is full of peony, rose, chrysanthemum, inserting camellia flowers four seasons, in today’s world is the highest a large Jade Flower basket. This basket on the two Yu Lian of the 40 cm long, each with 32 Yuhuan. Jade carving master spent eight whole months to finish.

Jade screen” universal” Tenghuan

74 cm high, 146.4 cm wide, 1.8 cm thick, screen the whole picture to Chinese traditional themes of” dragon” as the theme, the 9 emerald green dragon, white clouds in any roll, of great momentum, in today’s world is the highest a large jade screen.

These four pieces of jade carving works in 1990 by the State Council awards and Chinese art hundred-flowers award” treasures” gold award.


1: the Buddha Buddha, is the ancestor of. Have ability to know everything about heaven and earth.

2: nine years of practice the Dharma Dharma,” the nine enlightenment, crossing the river to be rash and too much in haste”. Is the Chinese Zen chuzu. Often the crossing, the sea, the surface shape.

3: Buddha Buddha can bless, meaning the blessed ( Buddha). Often based on Maitreya Tatu modeling, release the troubles in disguise — openings will laugh, smile, the world ridiculous people, big belly can let, let the world is impossible.

4 a Buddism godness Guanyin: a Buddism godness Guanyin mercy is the embodiment of Purdue, help people in distress.

5: the good and evil Zhong Kui. Often Zhong Kui buffy style.

6 the God of wealth: felicitous wish of making money.

7 Immortals:no impurities the Eight Immortals crossing the sea shows his each can, the Eight Immortals keiju. Is the eight immortals, Lv Dongbin, Han Xiangzi Zhang Guo, he Xiangu, Li tieh-kuai, Han Zhongli, Cao Guojiu, blue and. Sometimes a fetish objects moral sin sin or eight treasures. Eight kinds of objects is a gourd, fan, Yugu, flower basket, yin and Yang board, Fife, lotus, sword.

Ocean’s 8: Ocean’s 18, ocean’s 108 style. The town of evil spirits are protective deities.

9: symbolizing longevity longevity old.

10: coins or toad together with bangs, bangs play toad or moral called Fairchild company.

11 Maitreya Buddha: punish, openings will laugh the world, big belly can let the world!

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