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Shanghai numerous old buildings,” was the racecourse club” Museum” is a classic”. ” Brick” clock tower” far be Shanghai art museum building in high-rise buildings, see” skyline” in some desolate”; to enter the stadium,” habit” floor”, through the top of the stairs” corner”, be riotous with colour” vintage glass window — not to say anything else, single building itself is” very meaningful”. Usually held a variety of exhibition, Shanghai Biennale” fetching sensation”, the large number of visitors.


Transport: 23 road, 49 Road, 46 Road, 17 Road, 48 Road, 71 Road, 20 road, 37 Road, 108 Road, 109 Road, 112 Road, 123 Road, 505 Road, 506 Road, three line, four line tunnel tunnel, tunnel, channel six lines, five lines subway line, line two, metro line eight,商業區
metro exit eleven

Address: Shanghai City, Nanjing West Road 325, Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts

Zip code: 200003

Opening hours: 9: 00 morning at 17: 00 ( 16: 00 stop admission)

Since March 5, 2011, Shanghai art museum is open free to the community.

Shanghai art museum that entered the free times daily flow limit of 5000 passengers

From March 5, 2011 onwards, as a key national art gallery of Shanghai art gallery will cancel the original 20 yuan tickets, open to the public for free.

Shanghai Art Gallery assistant director Zhang Wenqing told reporters, Museum of fine arts will be temporarily on flow limitation in 5000 person-time, taken daily the scene slots to receive free tickets way, let the audience in line into the museum. Release time for that day morning 9 am to 4 pm, every hour quantity issued tickets will be in accordance with the flow of people to the exhibition at the same time, usually a number not more than 2000-2300. ”

art gallery had daily attendance of ten thousand large passenger flow, the weekend is free of the ‘ test ‘, we have the confidence to deal with.” According to Zhang Wenqing through the gel, the gallery website system update is completed, a certain amount of free tickets will be through online booking issuance, daily payment amount should not exceed 2000, and the site provide visiting tickets to maintain balance.

Free of charge, the audience to the gallery to see what? Zhang Wenqing revealed to reporters, free opening means operation mode change, from balance to allocate funds to the full allocation. The Shanghai art museum exhibitions will be more independent,The evolution
works on the threshold requirements higher, some large-scale exhibition will consider audience demand proper extension extension. It is reported,” master of the way — Lin Fengmian, arts and art exhibition” will lead the Shanghai Art Museum for free after the opening of the first exhibition.

Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong are all twentieth Century influential artists. Two masters of art and Shanghai have a constant shear origin, this exhibition, 50 pieces of works of Lin Fengmian in his office at Shanghai Academy of Chinese painting artist free donation, and Wu Guanzhong’s 60 works from him was donated to the Shanghai Museum of art ‘s representative. In March 12th, the United States of America selection since 10 print studio, 50 artists 90 works of art”” the United States will kick-off, show the ancient and complex Australia Gan Artie Yara aboriginal cultural” land – body: Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition” will be from March 14th exhibit.

Before entering the museum exhibition.” Most people have a certain art feeling, looks is the doorway, and the Future Museum of art will face a substantial increase in the general audience, they may have no background in art education, reading is just busy. water slide Therefore, Shanghai Museum of fine arts need to shoulder the art education, popularization, social responsibility.”

Zhang Wenqing said. For a free initial opening of the several major exhibition, Museum of fine arts has prepared three publicity folding and advocacy civilization exhibition to the audience the single release. With the” master of the way of” exhibition, Museum of fine arts will also invite experts to hold Lin Fengmian, Wu Guanzhong lectures on art, will be the most beautiful art referral to more people.

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