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Mouse development

[ long road, eventual enlightenment ] from the original mouse, optical mouse mechanical mouse, optical mouse, the optical mouse, mouse technology experienced a long journey finally Xiucheng zhengguo.

The mouse is the most frequent operation of one of the devices, but it has failed to gain enough attention. In the early years, most users are only willing to mouse who spend no more than 20 yuan of investment, of course, such a situation is rare today, application of progress that people on the mouse begins to ask more, including comfortable handling, flexible moving and accurate positioning, high reliability, no need of frequent cleaning, mouse aesthetic design and production technology has been paid attention. What is knocked down the mouse technology progress? Some people say CS are like a first person shooter game, also some people said is the computer multimedia application effect. No matter what, are caused by technical progress.

In the computer now, mouse control often plays the key role, while the mouse manufacturers to meet the trend began to make snap technology improved, from machinery to optics, from wired to wireless, modeling novel, the craft exquisite high-end products emerge constantly. Today, a high-end mouse even require high amounts to 500 yuan to buy a few years ago, it is difficult to imagine. No doubt,Production House
a good product to operate the computer becomes more fun, this also is in recent years the field of technology innovation, high-end products emerge in an endless stream of a great incentive.

Nevertheless, we still know little about the mouse, perhaps it is too common. In the following article, we will introduce to you the mouse comprehensive technology, including its origin and development history, you can see the mouse the birth, development and the situation today, of course, we will also introduce the high-end mouse by the introduction of the advanced technology.

History and technology faction

While the mouse is in the 80’s after the widely used, but its earliest history can be traced back to last century 60 time end, the inventor of the United States is the Standford Institute’s Douglas Engel bart. Of course, by today’s standards for Dr.

Douglas” mouse” is extremely primitive, it can only be carried out very simple positioning, nature had no precision index. However at that time and no PC machine, main computer is a large machine, medium and small, they are mostly used in defense-related key occasions, computing is the ability to decide the merits of the only indicators. As the man-machine operation interface but no one pay attention to, because this kind of computer operator is the high level of computer scientists. In later years,bridgestone
Douglas’s the invention basically be put it away unheeded.

On the 1981, Xerox Alto mouse were upgraded, introduced integrated graphical user interface to the 8081 system controller Star, it is the first to the commercial market in the mouse, the single is a primary 8081 system high price of $75000.

After 1983, Apple launched in the Lisa models were also used in mouse models, although Lisa did not achieve much success, Apple also begins downhill, but the mouse to the computer ‘s influence began to reflect. Then, Microsoft in the Windows 3.1 also provides support for the mouse, but to the Windows95 era, the mouse has become an indispensable PC machine operating device. After this, the mouse got popular quickly.

And the mainstream PC compared with the components, mouse technology innovation appears very conservative, from Dr. Douglas ‘s original mouse,MotoGP
then to pure mechanical mouse, optical mouse, optical mouse, and be just unfolding now optical mouse, mouse technology experienced only a few times changes, which truly successful only optical mouse and optical they are also the current mouse, mouse technology mainstream configuration. Among them, optical mouse for past mainstream, we will generally also it is vulgar called” mechanical mouse”, but this name is not exact ( available from the learned ). As for the optical mouse, then mouse technology direction of development, at present it has began large area to replace the outdated optical mouse products.

History and technology faction – the original mouse

Dr Douglas and his colleagues Bill Inge Rex in 1963 designed the mouse the initial prototype, and in December 9, 1968 made the world’s first” mouse”, it is the use of the mouse moves by resistance change to achieve cursor positioning and control. The original mouse has relatively simple structure, the bottom is provided with two mutually perpendicular disc wheel ( spherical ),wireless keyboards each round wheels are respectively driven by a mechanical rheostat, when the mouse moved, will change the resistance value of the rheostat.

If the applied voltage is constant, so the mouse by feedback signal intensity will change, and the change of the feedback signal parameters, the system can be calculated in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction displacement, thus producing a group with the mouse to change the dynamic coordinate. The dynamic coordinate decided the mouse on the screen location and moving, so it can replace the keyboard upper and lower, left, right four keys, allowing the user to position the cursor on the screen in various places. Because the original mouse tail dragging a data connection, looks like a little mouse, then people can directly be called it ” Mouse”, which is also named” mouse”. In December 9, 1968, for the design of a patent application.

Of course, if today’s perspective of the original mouse was quite rudimentary, it uses the wooden shell, angular, large and bulky, and need to be equipped with an additional power source can work normally, use is not convenient. Coupled with the use of a large number of mechanical components, with the accumulation of time, the mouse will appear very serious problem of wear.

In addition, the original mouse using simulation techniques, sensitivity and positioning precision is not ideal. Drawbacks are added together, cause not much people willing to use it. But as the new products, we can not judge too much on it. The original mouse of the greatest significance lies in, it means that the birth of computer input device with a greater variety of choices, and for the operating system uses a graphical interface technology laid the foundation, it is difficult for us to imagine, if only the keyboard, users how to operate the Windows or Mac OS.

1968 Dr Douglas designed the original mouse, is today all mouse.

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