Too much in a few years ago was born French senior brand aggrandizement this kind of feeling. Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and countless street cafes are the French to shape the whole world most understand the art of life state. Let us think, pay close attention to France, fell in love with France, even on the French, is to let the life be life. When the fashion really become a kind of life attitude and life style, into the middle of an ordinary life, this is the highest realm of fashion.For exotic doctrine, French taste is such a thing: even if you have never been to France, it makes you no matter where you go, no matter what makes your view, not to look at it more practical, but see how beautiful, how out of the ordinary.Editor this paragraph
The history of fashionIn the middle ages, fashion is often and aristocratic linking, distinguished identity was created cutting-edge enjoy is their dominant fashion, the future of the industry.
Always have some fashionable aristocratic, their clothing was the noble dream, they always wore gorgeous and elegant clothing, as is usually the fashion is a kind of sexual expression, can you blame a lot of fashion industry leaders, in a romantic affair also worth to write a great deal about. This was the first of the fashion.Twentieth Century western dress is very complex, and there are many layers.
A slender waist, pop. So all women with his waist, waist tightly just to show their slender waist. In fact, we in many television, film see women wearing a corset scenes, usually a man can’t finish the difficult task. The general several people, a person to wear to her waist, back to the one used to tighten the waist. Usually the waist materials are using whale bone, wood, or a more rigid material, iron.So usually lady wearing a corset before going to take a deep breath, and then sent his servant to put his tunic.
This process is very painful, even some people there were bloodstains on the tunic. But in order to be in the party to show their slender waist, lady or a very reluctantly tortured tunic worn by self, while wearing a corset was very uncomfortable, but love fashion lady or scramble for this, some people even, for a long time is going to faint. So the fashion industry at that time an essential thing is the smelling bottle, smelled it, usually the female to sober up.
When the female is not wearing a corset, realistic slender waist, and wearing some unique things, in order to make their own chest look bigger. The following is a fluffy greatly skirt, so the clothes are usually difficult to have any flexibility, are very heavy, usually all the ladies sitting there, only to stand up when you dance.
Various cartoon fashion pillow later one invention underwear, this simple dress instead of the women wearing a complex component, such as a shirt.Fashion designers in the fashion created play a decisive role, such as driftwood, the church women with all-match leisure package to upgrade their temperament, another fashion designer has invented a miniskirt so that young women can wear and older women.
The fashion designer’s character also affects their designs, such as a designer is very depressed, when his shop is opened up, others also to congratulate him, the people in the room, huge crowds of people, but he was scared, hidden in the closet and dared not go out.
Some fashion designers idea is advanced, his clothing design is full of contemporary feeling, he used a lot of artificial materials, looks a little like plastic, worn on the body is filled with a sense of the future.
In fact, previous fashion is often made very complicated, so the clothes, gorgeous incapable of further increase, but then slowly fashion need to more class open. So the clothing appeared, Readymade Garments are machines for the production of clothing, in order to reduce the production difficulty, garments of the era clothes, are often quite simple, less before the gorgeous, but add a concise and streamlined.Modern fashion development often and fashion models and movie stars are inextricably linked, previous models is very low, model just stood there, for designers, design clothes, or design, to display their own clothes, a woman if fashion models, can feel shy to tell others their own work.

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