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The historical origin and development


Modern interior design as a new subject, although only the last couple of decades, but people conscious of their own lives and production activities,interior design
indoor arrangement, and beautification and decoration, gives the indoor environment to the imperative mood, but early interior design has been from the beginning of human civilization period already exists. Since construction began, interior development is produced at the same time, so the study of the history of interior design is the study of architectural history.

Chinese architectural history

According to Liang Sicheng” the history of Chinese architecture” point of view can be divided into: ancient, Han, Wei, Jin, northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, the five generation. The song. Liao. Gold, Yuan Ming Qing period six. Also in the primitive society, the slave society ( Xia, Shang, Zhou ), the early stage of feudal society ( the Warring States, Qin and Han Dynasties, the feudal society, the southern and Northern Dynasties), medium ( five generation, Sui and Tang Dynasties, song, Liao, Jin, the later stage of feudal society ( ), yuan, Ming, Qing ) five times.

Brief history of World Architecture

Prehistoric architecture, ancient architecture ( ancient Egypt, ancient Greek architecture, the buildings of ancient Rome ), medieval architecture ( Byzantine building, Luo Man building, Rome building, Islamic architecture, Gothic architecture ), Renaissance architecture ( Baroque, classicism, Rococo Architecture ), the industrial revolution construction (i.e., modernism architecture ).

Study and learning method

One, to meet the needs of human activities as the core and

For different people, different object, considering their different requirements: space design; need to pay attention to study of people’s behavior psychology, visual experience requirements. Different space to give a different feel.

Two, strengthen the integrated environment view

Interior design design conception,festival city ii
design, style and atmosphere creation, need to focus on the overall environment, cultural identity and the construction features and other aspects to consider.

Macro environment ( natural environment ); sky, mountains and forests, plains atmospheric; grassland; climatic and geographical characteristics, natural scenery, local materials.

Medium environment; ( urban and rural, neighborhood and the outdoor environment of urban and rural environment ); community neighborhood buildings and outdoor and indoor environment design; history and culture, folk customs, architecture function, form, style;

Micro environment; ( Interior ) for all types of building indoor environment; indoor function space characteristics, organizational characteristics, style.

In three, the science and art of combining

The modern design is a basic point, is in the indoor design environment attaches great importance to scientific, artistic and mutual combination.

Science; includes new material, structure, construction technology, good sound, light, thermal environment, facilities and equipment, as well as the design means of changes ( computer design )

Art: the weight of material and technical means at the same time, height takes seriously the principle of architectural aesthetics, creativity has the expressive force and the power of image of indoor space, with a visual pleasure and cultural connotation of the indoor environment.

Science and art; encounter different types and features of the indoor environment may differ, but from the overall design concept, still needs the combination of the two. In conclusion to achieve — physiological and psychological requirements of the balance and integration.

In four, the sense of the times and historical context of both

Historical context: not simply from the forms, symbols to understand, but broadly relates to the planning, layout, space between organizational characteristics, design philosophy and viewpoint.

Five, dynamic and sustainable development concept

Interior design dynamic development perspectives: 1 ), market economy, competition mechanism. 2), shopping behavior and manage the change of means. 3), decorative materials, lighting, air conditioning equipment introduction. 4), fire codes, construction standard revision. Will make the modern interior design in the spatial organization, layout, decoration construction installation and other aspects have update, transformation.

Sustainable development: all kinds of human activities should pay attention to benefit the future in ecological, environment, energy, land use and other aspects of sustainable development.

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