rapidly grown

Furniture, industrial pollution

Furniture industry has rapidly grown, produced a large number of pollution.

The first is the furniture industry raw materials: wood, stone, plastic. Furniture industry ‘s rapid growth, increasing demand for timber, timber prices, forest continued deforestation increase. ; stone development needs scamper Shan stone, soil and water loss.

The second is the furniture of the pollution to the environment, is the main dust and contamination of the paint, furniture processing during some processes such as grinding,office furniture
cutting, will produce a large number of respirable dust on the workers, causing serious harm to the health of the 5 year, the painter may occur at any time occupation disease ……

The use of new furniture should pay attention to

Buy new furniture should not rush into rooms or use, suggest you the best conditions for furniture in the release of harmful gases quickly, over a period of time and then. Paying particular attention to children room furniture.

The use of new production of man-made wooden wardrobe, suggest you try not to put underwear, sleepwear and children’s clothing. Because formaldehyde is an allergen, when from the fibers to the skin of free formaldehyde content exceeds a certain limit, will make people react dermatitis.

Buy new furniture, consumer, we recommend that you can choose to have a harmful gas adsorption function of plants ( such as the lily) and other effective measures and decontamination materials, furniture to reduce the harmful gases released the harm to human health.

If any furniture,flower shop
indoor environment pollution problem, suggest you to ask the relevant departments for the timely detection and treatment.


1 first look room structure, determine the activity center.

2 pieces of furniture — General determine where amplification is bed, sofa, desk, cabinet etc.

3 consider through family aisle, and arrange furniture, avoid the influence of normal room to.

4 large room should consider how to assign function interval — such as the living room can be divided into the parlor, watch TV, listen to the tape or reading area; the bedroom can sleep, read or dressing area; the dining room can be divided into dining, reading or recreation area.

5 depending on room size placed commensurate with the furniture.

6 furniture may not affect room lighting.

7 beds and tables should be according to the local customs.

8 of furniture is preferably used to carry method, so as to avoid the abrasion of furniture and flooring.

9 furniture placement in addition to the traditional room size, ventilated daylighting is judged, can also use the popular angle display, to the sofa is more common, using the angle display, can increase the indoor design curve, increased spatial effect.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html

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