different ring

Ring wear points

The finger at the same time to wear a different ring, we must first consider the” ring” the sense of presence, and do not consider only one finger matching only, but also to see the hands is harmonious, balanced, and to develop the whole collocation. Therefore,pearl jewelry
with more than two rings, to clearly distinguish the master-slave relationship, to the ” main ring”, the other ring as a background. As for the principal, vice ring to wear in the fingers, as the match up the sense of balance to set, such as middle finger and ring finger ( Master ) ( side ), or the middle finger and the little finger ( Master ) ( vice ).

The index finger for wearers personality, characteristics of the ring, single wear can be highlighted its characteristic, therefore does not need the” ring” to foil.

A volume of Dai Shangyou diamond” main ring”, the ring finger may be paired with a slim inlaid diamond pieces of” ring”, so it can contrast the main ring of luxuriant sense.

The ring finger while wearing a ring on the little finger and the engagement ring, may wear the simple style of the inlaid diamond pieces pair type, then the master-slave relationship very well, or with a bow shape ring, can create a lovely atmosphere.

Different hand type, choose a different style ring

If someone says:” my fingers are ugly, do not suit to wear a ring …” that has not find a suitable style. Even if is fat, short fingers, or any form of hand type, are suitable for their personality ring. Hand made and the ring must have a sense of harmony, and individuality is congenial, in order to show the best beauty shot.

Slender, beautiful hands

For a wide ring, a volume of the ring, but the overall look is still a slim feel, if only emphasize the large and prominent, but there is oppression. The discomfort of the ring is too fine, the main stone small ring, which ring and finger proportion is not right, it seems too small, not harmonious.

Obesity type hand

Recommend wearing a spiral shape ring, although it looks a sense of volume, but can be modified hand, let hand look more slender. Absolutely not suitable for wearing too appearing nervous in public or too delicate ring, it will let hand look more obesity.

Short of hands

Wearing the ring preferably stress longitudinal lines form, such as V type or heart-shaped and other styles are very suitable for.freshwater pearl
Not suitable for ring too wide or ring face is too big, too eye-catching ring, it will let hand look even more short.

Metal ring material, color, surface treatment changes

Gold, K gold warm, happy

Platinum, platinum bright, elegant K

Titanium metal bright color, rich

Tri Color Gold ( K yellow K white and rose gold ) lively, colorful

Silver classical, folk style

Surface treatment, sandblasting, polishing Scrub

Ring of the overall mix

The hand is the day with the most frequent activity site, so a ring on her finger in behavior, how to generate the best visual effects? Usually it with clothing,golden south sea pearl supplies color also accounted for a very important factor.

Yellow and black — a bold, confident

Yellow is the most bright color, visibility is very high, so a yellow diamond ring with black dress, Black Leather Portfolio, will give the person eye is one of light, full of confidence.

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