surface flatness

Using gravure offset printing LCD filter dichroic mirrorHere introduce using gravure offset printing LCD Lu dichroic mirror for example. On gravure inking, transfer to the silicone blanket, its total moved to the glass sheet printing method. Once in the mass production at the time, according to the size of design, printed linewidth of 40 ~ 50 of Luzhou dichroic mirror into the market. However, the issue is left model surface flatness.
As the improvement of the method of flatness, have developed flip printing method. This is the first ink coating directly to the blanket, with negative relief remove not part of the final turn, transfer to the plain glass plate. Model of flatness depends entirely on the coating blanket ink layer uniformity and smoothness. It can be said, this method compared with gravure offset printing method, its focus is on flatness control easy to do.
ProspectExhibition with the continuous improvement of living standards, the proportion of the printing plant will be more and more, therefore, the customer in the printing design requirements will be getting higher and higher, so later in the printing industry will be more and more professional, design and printing will be separated. Professional design, professional printing and good customer service will constitute a more professional printing team.
Three global printing marketGlobal printing market is divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asia accounted for the global printing market 1/3. China printing industry total production value in 2006 has jumped to third place in the world.
Global printing market worth $610000000000, North America is occupied 32%, Europe 32%, Asia accounted for 28%, other area accounted for 8%. However, by 2011, the global printing market will” eastward”: North America will occupy 28%, Europe will account for 31%, Asia accounted for 30%, other area is occupied 11%, the global printing market total production value will amount to 720000000000 dollar.
European printing market has two opposite trend: Eastern Europe printing market in the next 5 years the growth rate reached 51%, while only 12% of Western europe.From 2006 to 2011 the world’s top 12 charts printing market, China has replaced the German and English become the third largest printing market. However, by 2011, India will be shot up from twelfth to eighth. Another significant growth market is Indonesia, in 2011 the total amount will amount to 10000000000 dollar.

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