Western etiquette

Western etiquette

1 when seated, the body to correct, don’t put your elbows on the table, may not, and the distance to the table to better use tableware. On the table already set tableware don’t fiddle. Will gently folded napkin on your lap. Western Restaurant 2 eat with a knife and fork, from the outside to the forks and knives, to the right hand holding a fork, knife; when the cutting things left hand fork to hold down food, right hand is cut into small pieces, fork mouth. Using a knife, knife edge can not be outward. Dinner knife and fork should be set to”hong kong restaurants
eight” type, were placed on the edge of the plate.

The direction of their own, said they would continue to eat. After each dish, knives and forks together on a platter. If the conversation, you can take a knife and fork, no down. No knife, used his right hand fork, but if you need to make the gesture, it should be laid down his knife and fork, knife and fork must not be hand waving in the air shake, do not hand the knife or fork, and the other hand napkin to wipe the mouth, nor one with a drink in his hand, the other hand fork dish. Remember, any time, will not be the end of the knife and fork on the plate, on the other side of the table.

3 you don’t drink, eat to shut up. Don’t lick the lips or smacking sound. Soup dishes such as overheating, can be cooled before eating, not mouth blown. When the soup with a spoon, scoop from the inside out, soup soon after drinking the soup, soup plate with his left hand to the lateral tilt slightly, with tablespoon to scoop net. Eat soup dish, soup spoon at will ( bowl), put at their spoons.

4 eat fish, meat or bone barbed dishes, do not spit directly outside, the napkin can be used lightly Wuzui spit on the fork into the tray. If the remaining small tray of dishes, do not use a fork scraping the bottom of the plate, not a finger food aid, a small piece of bread or a fork of food aid. Eat the noodles to noodles with a fork to roll up, and then into the mouth.

5 general partake of the bread into small pieces into the mouth, don’t take the whole piece of bread to bite. Butter and jam will also want to partake of the bread into small pieces and then wipe.

6 chicken, Europe and the United States to more than one chicken breast meat is precious. Should be forced to eat chicken leg bone will be removed,hong kong stores
do not eat with their hands. Eating fish will not turn over to eat fish, the fish knife and fork to eat the meat to tick off, to cut a piece of eating a block, block cannot be cut too large, or a meat cut into pieces.

In 7 coffee when ready to add milk or sugar, add the following to use xiaobiao stir evenly, TSP will be placed on the coffee saucers on. Drink cups should put his right, the left hand end saucer, direct mouth to drink, do not use the spoon to scoop a spoonful spoonful of drink. Eat the fruit, do not take a whole fruit to bite, should use the fruit knife cut into four pieces with a knife and then remove skin, nuclear, use a fork to eat.

8 with a knife and fork to eat the meat of the bones are bones of the meat, you can eat with their hands. Wants to eat more elegant, stabbed or better. Meat fork fixed with the whole film ( fork can be up, down the back meat with a fork ), and then insert a knife along the bone, cut the meat.

It is best to eat trimming. Have to eat with their hands, will be accompanied by hand-washing water. When the washing water and meat on bones together end up, means” please eat by hand”. Take finger food, will be installed on the fingers of the hand washing water bowl clean. Eat ordinary food, if dirty fingers, also can ask waiter end wash water, pay attention to wash gently.

9 eat bread dipped in sauce even eat sauce is not left, courtesy of a chef. Careful not to put bread plate” lick” very clean,hong kong clubs and has been living with fork fork torn piece of bread, and then dipping sauce and eat little, regards the practice.

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