Plastic bags

Plastic bags harm

Plastic bags really brings convenience for people, but this time the convenience brought lasting harm.

Plastic bag recycling value is low, in use process in addition to scattered in the city streets, tourist areas, water, road and rail on both sides to cause ” visual pollution”, it also potentially harmful. Plastic structure is stable, not easy to be natural microbial degradation, in the natural environment in the long separation. This means that the waste plastic garbage if not recovered, in the environment will become a long-term presence of pollutants and continue to accumulate,poly bag manufacturer
will causes great harm to the environment.

The impact of agricultural development.

Mixed waste plastic products to accumulate in the soil, crops will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in crop production.

Threat to animal survival.

Abandoned on land or water in the waste plastic products, animal as food Tunru, led to the death of the animal. Last year Qinghai lake has 20 herdsman a total of nearly a thousand sheep so lethal, economic losses of about about 300000 yuan. Sheep like to eat plastic bags wrapped in the folder of oily residues, often with Chi Xiaqu even plastic bags, plastic eating a long time because of the indigestible stranded stomach, the stomach was filled with sheep, and can no longer eat things can only be finally starved to jewelry
Such a thing in the zoo, pastoral, rural, the ocean it is often seen.

Plastic waste with waste refractory

Waste plastics with landfill will not only take up a lot of land, but the land is occupied no long-term recovery, impact on the sustainable use of land. Into the garbage in the waste plastic products if the landfill, 200 years to be degraded.

Moreover, the plastic bag with oil as raw material, not only consumes a lot of resources, also cannot be decomposed, buried in the ground will pollute the land, the river.


In addition, the plastic bag itself will release harmful gases. Especially the cooked food, packed in a plastic bag, often metamorphism. Perishable food on children’s health and growth effect is outstanding.

It is the tremendous energy, according to estimates, our country each produce 1 tons of plastic bags to consumption of 3 tons of oil,hong kong restaurants
and our country is annual the plastic bag usage at least for 3000000 ordinary car driving 5 years. To change this situation, elimination of ultra-thin plastic bags represent the general trend, the country, in the ages to come!

The ban on plastic bags in the country

Bangladesh ( Bangladesh ) has banned plastic bags.

Ireland ( Ireland ) on 2002, on consumers’ purchase of plastic bags for 0.15 euros from the implementation of tax, is now in the use of plastic bags to reduce the amount of 90%.

Rwanda ( Rwanda ) in 2005 abandoned the use of plastic bags.

Israel, Canada, Western India,wedding dresses Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, China, Singapore have disabled or prepare a ban on plastic bags.

The ban on plastic bags in the city

In March 27, 2007, San Francisco became the first American city to ban the use of plastic bags.

The United States of Oakland city and Boston is also considering whether to ban plastic bags.

Because the plastic bag containing some of the ingredients in oil, China banned free plastic bags each year could save thirty-seven million barrels of oil!

In June 1, 2008, China banned free plastic bags.

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