How to buy a diamond accessoriesOne, called the abacus, act according to one’s capabilityShopping not to upset the balance of payments, gens going to work to buy clothes and shoes budget to column, buy jewellery should be even more so. If the budget is limited, might as well buy clarity, color, grade slightly lower, while the weight of some of the diamond.
Two, three home goods than do not sufferMuch more than, have a look, there is no harm, but the prerequisite is to see the quality of diamonds and jewelry work, the best to the stable and reputable stores or shopping malls to buy, because after sale service is an important link in.In three, the diamond is the most valuable
Should say, at a reasonable price to purchase the 1 carat, with GIA or HRD and other international authority certificate of identification of the diamond is the most value, of course you have to have the appropriate economic strength.
Four, find out” 4C” openings usefulAlthough diamond ‘s” 4C” U weight, color, clarity, cut is already a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but at the time of purchase or useful.
Five, choose the Diamond AgeFor young people, based on their consumption ability, choose the price is not high, design novel diamond as the starting point is the right. According to their age and identity, to make ornaments and you bring out the best in each other.
In six, with a coupWhen your identity, environmental and aesthetic point of view changes, many jewelry stores have some measure of service allows you to use a small amount of cost to replace the jewelry purposes.

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