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Chinese fast food industry development

In 2007, the Chinese catering industry is a year of plenty, the size of the overall market successfully break 1 trillion yuan to close greatly, and in 18% the exuberant growth rate beyond 2006, continue to be the pillar industries of the national economy role.

However, in the entire industry booming, fast burst out of a strong growth momentum, the high turnover amounted to about 200000000000 yuan, accounting for the fast food market share of nearly 80%, the annual growth rate of nearly 30%, far more than the” fast-food ” rate of growth, the sensation caused by the industry.

Chinese fast food industry already entered the brand promotion and the rapid expansion of a new era. Industry scale and speed of development will continue to maintain, at the same time the market segmentation and the trend of diversity will be more and more obvious, in addition, the industry leader in brand scale and benefit will continue to expand, and the giants will also further narrow the gap between. The 2007 annual Chinese fast food giant Lihua assets and store long growth exceeded 30%, personnel of the enterprise increases have exceeded 20%; growth significantly faster than foreign brands.

In recent years, including Lihua Fast food, Kung Fu, small fat sheep, some industry leading enterprises, in order to financing for the attempt, and has achieved initial results. ” Capital is effective means, in the present stage, it can compress the local fast food industry development process, helping the local fast food enterprises to create real strong fast food brands, and even international fast food brand.”

Has been successfully acquire venture capital investment Lihua Fast Food express. As the takeaway leadership brand, Lihua has been in the country 11 large and medium-sized city has more than 80 food distribution chain, and take the lead in introducing including Callcenter,poly bag manufacturer
informatization construction, capital is the next step in the development of strategic focus.

It is reported, in 2008, 300000000000 yuan Olympic Games demand, prediction of Olympic Games will bring catering industry about 20000000000 Yuan market increment, and Lihua Group acquired the investment will also be used to further expand the scale of production.

In 2008, Lihua group will invest in Beijing to build a modern snack factory, further improve the standardization of production and the degree of modernization, in order to better serve the vast number of consumers, thereby ensuring the completion of the 2008 sports event for meal service. At the same time, it will strengthen service system construction and strengthen brand marketing efforts, improve its unique characteristics of Chinese non-store operating room Road, leading the Chinese fast food health healthy development.

With the globalization of economic development, challenges and opportunities coming, for the Chinese fast food industry, after years of exploration and precipitation, now is the time soar to great heights, the use of capital to speed up its scale, standardization and brand building, is the inevitable trend of internationalization competition, Chinese fast food industry development important stage.

Chinese fast food is necessary to pay attention to the intensive development, raise content of science and technology. For example: by increasing fast food processing and transfer of the automation, mechanization degree, let cook and waiter realize sitting at work, rather than standing work, thereby reducing the labor intensity of workers and staff, improve the production efficiency, save the operating space, reduce the production cost of Chinese fast food and rent cost, enhance the Chinese fast food market competitiveness.

Chinese fast food industry should pay close attention to city elderly customer base, suitable for the production of the elderly eat fast food. The elderly customers. As economic internationalization process and economic marketization process forward, because labor cooperation, labor service export, study abroad, study abroad send long-term increase in the number of elderly people living alone,fashion jewelry the formation of many families, elderly people living along with the age growth drop of self-care ability, especially the elderly memory loss, cooking at home occasionally forget flameout, form case of fire danger.

Older people need more and more service, however, currently on the market all kinds of restaurant food is most suitable for the aged, specifically for the elderly to provide service in the restaurant is very rare. Should cogent solve elderly people living in the practical difficulties encountered, for the lack of ability to provide service for the old dining out, disabled elderly living alone to provide home delivery services. Chinese fast food industry will play the most important role.

Should pay attention to development quality of Chinese fast food.

Quality of Chinese fast food should be fresh fruits, leaves, stems, roots, cereal, cereal germ as staple food, Hunsu, shall be suitable for primate diet, ensure the provision of adequate natural vitamin C. However, in the city to do with fresh fruits and vegetables as staple food fast food cost is very high ( processing and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, artificial and rent cost is very high ). Therefore, vigorously develop the quality of Chinese fast food should be the concern of the whole society and support!

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