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Telephone television interactive entertainment is an entertainment value-added services, the user through the public telephone network using the telephone keypad or mobile phone short message control system for entertainment, TV on demand of their favorite shows or interactive game. Operators and radio and television departments to work together, through the product on the telephone, mobile phone and television media effective development and utilization, and can create good economic benefits and social benefit.

Guangzhou is currently operating interactive TV” vision interactive television” ( name of the company is Guangzhou City painting digital television technology development limited company ), it is by the Guangdong Provincial cable television and the Shenzhen horizon holding enterprises jointly opened a new digital interactive TV platform, it has the bidirectional interaction function. Interactive TV user terminal via a set-top box to view all of the video content as well as the vision to provide different types of interactive services. On the other hand, interactive TV user via remote control, information on demand, will send, transmitted to a back-end service center, implementation and interactive television through dialogue, it has the following functions:

Video service

In analog television era, the audience is a passive recipient of television. Only passive obedience to program and program content arrangement.

Vision Interactive TV was introduced, let the audience became the television the true sense of the master, the realization of personalized viewing needs.

A program customizing Watch : the user can according to their own preferences to customize will broadcast TV series, the system will automatically transmitted to the subscriber set-top box, is convenient for users to watch programs.

B program look back: users can download view had once broadcast TV program contents.

C. VOD VOD: movies, television programs, music, online real-time vod.

Voice services

Vision has the function of speech, the user can communicate with each other through the language function, effective communication between users and service providers.

A. Users free of charge.

B. Users and service providers to communicate more effectively: the user through a remote control from the television to obtain information, through the voice can be directly with the service provider to facilitate effective communication.

C service provider of customer service cost is lower, more effective than the traditional CALLCENTER; lower cost, more efficient, more convenient, more intuitive user.

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