greenhouse warming

1, advanced composite superconducting energy storage converter: the device uses the National Institute of scientific research personnel with great concentration of three years the successful development of the thermal energy storage of superconducting liquid, and connect it to the various energy device generates energy storage, after the conversion output. Thermal energy storage is composed of superconducting liquid without active metals and their compounds through scientific formula design, the liquid has high thermal activity and low temperature conductivity, the heat transfer rate is the average water 3 times, and a large heat capacity. Especially suitable for solar energy heat collecting device, heat energy storage heat utilization during the day and night, changing the solar energy to generate the time difference.

2, superconducting solar heat collector: it uses superconducting heat collection principle will be scattered solar radiation, collect and conduction to the indoor heating system, providing room heating. The system through proper modification, but also can independently applied to agricultural and sideline products drying, timber drying plant dry plate, chemical raw materials, greenhouse warming.

3, biomass energy generator: is the combustion of biomass straw and biomass compression block, scrap furniture materials such as hot water generating device. It uses fuel are renewable biological resources, which belongs to the category of renewable energy. To promote the use of renewable energy technologies and products, with high economic benefit and far-reaching social significance.

4, superconducting heat refrigeration system using low temperature energy source: summer, through the superconducting system, direct cooling of the air in a room to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

High cost price

The researchers and engineers have been committed to the development of using solar thermal energy to indoor cooling machine. But always impossible with conventional plug-in box of air conditioner. According to German Firth of a company called Solid solar information consulting company to assess each year, newly installed electric air conditioner power total output high of 250000 MW, which only a few are environmentally friendly air-conditioning. Solid company is a solar refrigeration technology expert Oskar Wolf said:” so far, this kind of new technical economic feasibility is not high.” Regenerative refrigeration system for each unit of electricity needs 24-30 cents, it is two times of traditional air conditioning costs.

The high cost is mainly derived from the green environmental protection cooling system used in the very complex technology. The present method is that the water and coolant mixing in a known as” absorbing cooling machine” and the use of solar heating. Thermal evaporation condensation and sprayed onto the coolant heat exchanger, is again evaporated. Evaporation heat could be used to extract moisture from the air, the air continues to flow to the heat exchanger to the cooling room, finally bringing cool.


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