Teach you out of home and makes you fat.

Abstract: to eat more, eat oil, don’t eat healthily; a party will not shut up … … If therefore decided that this is you fat all reason, that is wrong. You also ignores another important place make you fat — home.

Snacks heap at hand

Hungry often hungry, if snacks before your computer desk or table, reach imperceptibly, will eat more calories. In contrast, the high calorie and low nutrition food tucked into the cupboard, the healthy cereal, fruit is placed before, so the health food intake may be doubled.

Too much eating utensils

With a diameter of 30 cm and 25 cm respectively dish eat, the amount is usually more than the latter 22%. If the rice bowl, it is much easier to food. Therefore, a small selection of tableware is good to lose weight first.

Table lamp is too bright

The highlight of eating will make people increased pressure, stimulation of appetite, leading to eat faster, more. Of course, the light is too dim adverse also eating. When all the lights on the total brightness of less than 240 watts.

The cup is too thick

Since people usually pay attention to be poured in the cup drink height, rather than the actual volume, so rough dwarf tall people are often excessive intake. When the water with large will induce you to drink more water, but if a drink and other sugary drinks, may wish to choose a slender glass.

The restaurant can watch TV

If the table, can work online, watch TV, eat when it is easy to cause excessive. Because do two things at one time will make the brain in a busy state, and delayed delivery” full” information, thus creating conditions for the accumulation of fat.

Bedroom not conducive to sleep

Tired, appetite suppression of leptin level will drop, stimulate the appetite of the ghrelin levels will improve. Therefore, do not sleep well, eat more. Improve the sleep environment: pull the curtain, noise reduction, such as pillows should not be too soft.

Music to eat faster. Super dynamic music can make the work more dynamic, but the meal is best avoided, because of its fast tempos often let you will accelerate the eating.

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