circadian period

Human hair, not only a variety of colors, and the shape is also each not same. But in anthropology, mainly divided into three types, each type was divided into several subtypes: a straight hair, straight hair straight hair, including hard, microwave transmission; two is the wave hair, johnson baby shampoo has wide wave hair, hair volume, narrow wave wave hair; three of curly hair, sparse hair, loose curls, tight curls, loose spiral hair and tight spiral hair. While in the curls in last two subtypes, namely the loose and tight spiral spiral hair, often a clusters of twisted together, so that small clusters of the scalp are exposed, so people have this type of hair form a separate class — woolly hair.

Hair and hair color, is an important feature of the race. In general, much hair yellow, white wave hair, black is much curls. For example, in Central Asia, North Asia and East Asia to most people, and American Indians are straight hair; while the Polar Eskimos straight hardest. Europeans have wave hair more. To wave hair and Australians and South Asia, Southeast Asia some residents. To curl have black African and New Guinea and Melanesian and other residents of the. Woolly hair for the Bushmen and Huo Village special one unique.

Chinese to straight up. Especially the north, rarely see wave hair; but from the south, you can see a few wave hair, and more to the south,JOHNSON Shampoo wave hair more.

These different hair and how is it formed? Originally, hair dry shape is mainly in the skin follicle formation in the root, that is determined by the shape of. Straight hair is straight, slightly curved wave hair root, hair were saber shape curve. While the hair after its birth, still maintained its inside the skin bending state, leading to the formation of different shape. But the root causes of bend, so far has not completely clear, some people think, it mainly depends on the genetic.

The length of the hair, and hair shape on. Usually, the long straight hair, often up to 1 meters; the shortest hair curly hair, especially spiral curls shorter; wave hair between them. In the same ethnic group, female hair is often a male for long, especially in the wave hair group, this difference is more significant.

Hair in a circadian period can grow about 0.3 millimeter, this again with race, age, nutrition, mood and health status, and is related to many factors such as season. For example, hot summer days, the hair grow faster; the winter cold, slower growth.L-Carnitine But no matter what kind of hair form, hair never endless growth continues, the life of about 2 to 5 years. However, there are few women hair can grow very long. For example, Japanese Tokyo Yamazaki Hong Son, she from grade four in primary school didn’t have hair cut; at the age of 35, her hair is long 2.32 meters, with hands up hair still land. Her weekly wash head, need half a day and a half bottle of shampoo. When going to bed in the evening, to finishing the hair on the pillow.

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