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Production site is divided into static and dynamic webpage webpage

Static webpage content on the page and format generally does not change, only the management according to the need to update the page. Dynamic webpage content with user input and interaction in different, or as the user, time, data revision and change.Web Content Management System
On the webpage content can also be initiated by the user through the use of client description language ( JavaScript, JScript, Actionscript, ) to change.

Editor this paragraph

What is the production site management background

Website background management mainly used for web information management, such as text, image, audio, and other daily use the posted files, update, delete and other operations, but also includes membership information, order information, visitor information statistics and management. Simple is the site database and file operation, so that the content can be updated in time and adjust.

Website design should consider the needs of users

The user is browsing

If you think the general user can complete to read your webpage, you would be wrong. No matter you are in webpage published what useful information, a visitor to decide whether inheritance before reading only a few seconds to browse. If you want users to read your text,Website Development
ensure that the first page paragraphs illustrate your point. In addition, you also need in the whole page to use short paragraphs and interesting headline.

Less is more

All the sentences, paragraphs, sections, pages as short as possible. In the paragraphs and chapters use more space between. Not in a single page to place too much content. If indeed there is a need to transfer a large amount of information, as the content is divided into small pieces, then put into different pages. Don’t expect each visitor can put a thousand word page a move what.


Try to create generic to all pages in the site navigation structure.L-Carnitine Put the paragraphs of a text hyperlink in use to a minimum. Do not use the text inside hyperlink free to keep visitors to other pages. Doing so will destroy the navigation structure of sense of coherence.

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