keyboard distribution

Keyboard layout is a key on the keyboard distribution graph or definition. People use keyboard layout by computer software decision. Keys on the keyboard layout of the standard representation of the character. The whole world uses many different keyboard layouts. People usually use layout depending on the country or language.


” QWERTY” keyboard:

The keyboard is very long, as early as in 1714, began to have English, beautiful, law, Italy, Switzerland and other countries of the invention of the various forms of the typewriter, the earliest keyboard that is used in the technology is not mature on a typewriter. Until 1868,”wireless keyboard the father of American typewriter” — Christof Larsen, Shaw Ersi ( Christopher Latham Sholes ) won the typewriter model patent and franchise operations, and in a few years later to design modern typewriter utility form and the first standard keyboard, now known as” QWERTY” keyboard.

Why should the keyboard code into this” QWERTY” keyboard layout? This is because initially, typewriter keyboard is arranged in alphabetical order, and the typewriter is the mechanical structure of the type tool, so if the typing speed is too fast, certain key combinations are easily stuck key problems, so Christof Larsen Shaw Ersi ( Christopher Latham Sholes ) invented the QWERTY keyboard layout, he will be the most several commonly used letters placed in the opposite direction, the maximum typing speed slowed down to avoid the card key. Shaw Ersi in 1868 1873 to apply for a patent, use this layout first commercial typewriter successfully put on the market. This is why today keyboard layout.

QWERTY keyboard layout is very inefficient. For example: most typist right-handed, but using the QWERTY keyboard, left hand burden 57% work. Two little finger and ring finger is no strength left finger, but frequently to use them. In the letter column, its use is occupied only the typing of about 30%, therefore, in order to play a character, often to the up and down moving finger.

The United States in 1888 held typing open competition, court stenographer horse Galindo according to clearly defined fingering division shows his to technology, the error is only 3/10000, so that the presence of surprising, according to records horse called bonus is $500, after this many people follow the blind, in the United States also began to have specially trained typist school.

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