intraoperative transfusion

Liposuction operation.

Dry liposuction: is the earliest invention liposuction, bleeding amounts to 45%, pain, need for intraoperative transfusion, more complications, need to take general anesthesia, currently does not use this method.

Method: using expansion expansion liposuction anesthesia technique, use of low concentrations of lidocaine, saline perfusion due to massive into subcutaneous fat,L-Carnitine forming a high state of edema, then a negative pressure suction. Intraoperative pain, operation is laborious, tissue injury, postoperative prone to blood stasis spot, concave and convex inequality complications.

The same thin internal ultrasonic liposuction: through the skin incision ultrasonic rod is inserted into the fatty tissue in vivo ultrasonic emulsification, operating requirements are higher, the emulsification degree is limited, causing internal and skin burns, liposuction is inadequate, prone to uneven.

Electronic liposuction: using two unique needle electrodes inserted liposuction region, in the liquid anaesthetic infiltration, via two electrodes continue slow motion, fat cells absorb, safer, but a smaller amount of liposuction, longer operation time.

Non operation.

The 1 destruction of subcutaneous tissue layer of fat emulsion;

2 convenient, low risk and considerable effect

3 does not require anesthesia. There is hardly any complications;

4 nap beauty best weight-loss treatment;

5 whenever and wherever possible can be thin, away from the operation room;

6 a treatment can reduce the circumference of 2 cm;

7 subcutaneous fat depth can be reduced by 4 ~ 5 cm;

8 histological examination can indeed destruction of adipose tissue;

9 do not cause uneven orange peel phenomenon;

10 will not be stasis, purpura.

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