tablet PC

Sliding cover type tablet PC

The sliding cover plate of the benefits of the computer is with a full keyboard, while saving the volume, convenient to carry. Together with the straight plate like the computer, the sliding cover can be flipped out. Its significant advantage is convenient, in addition to the touch input,wireless keyboard but also as a notebook as keyboard input, input speed is fast, especially for the stock market, the net silver, enter the account number and password. Representation of product is the Le Fan EKING S515 ultimate, EKING M5.

Pure flat computer

The host computer and digital LCD screen are integrated together, the handwriting input as the main input mode, they are more emphasized on the move to use, but also at any time through the USB port, an infrared interface or other port external keyboard / mouse ( some manufacturers tablet products will be an external keyboard / mouse as the choice of Le Fan FSL F979, the German SIMPAD, EKING, Viliv eking, ViewSonic, Lenovo, Fujitsu, KUPA cool running, Archos, HW OZing, manufacturers such as the flat computer is such a case.

Business computer

X86 architecture business Tablet PC tablet early used for entertainment, but as the tablet PC market continues to expand and the popularity of e-commerce, business tablet computer with its high performance and high profile is rapidly becoming the tablet PC industry in the high-end products on behalf of. In general, business plate when the user is selecting a product value is: processor, operating system, battery, built-in applications such as” routine”, especially Windows software applications, for business users is the key selection criteria. The present commercial tablet PC ‘s main products are: British Ying ‘s subversion of God, Le Fan FSL F979, the German business plate SIMPAD, KUPA, EKING, cool running wide show Viliv, ViewSonic, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HEDY P200, Wei Jiang FEINX wisdom series. Business computer

Industrial Panel PC

Simply put, is the industry often say one machine, machine performance is perfect, have the market common commercial computer performance. Tablet PC difference lies in the internal hardware, the majority of the industry product selection are industrial motherboard, motherboard is the difference between it and business shop, product models are relatively stable. This also can see, industrial motherboard price than the commercial motherboard price high, the other is RISC architecture. Industrial demand for relatively simple single, performance requirements are not high, but the performance is very stable. Heat capacity is small, no fan cooling. Nodka Industrial Panel PC ( NODKA ) with high ratio of performance to price, protection level is very high. Protection grade for IP * *. Before a dustproof grade, after a waterproof grade. A maximum of 6 waterproof dustproof grade up to 8

Thus, industrial panel computer requires much higher than commercial. Industrial computer is another characteristic of most used together with the configuration software, the realization of industrial control. Now the market production Tablet PC manufacturer is very much, but the quality of set-plays have Nodka ( NODKA ), Siemens, SIMPAD, Advantech, Fuji Levin, ICP IEI. Mainly used in industrial automatic control monitoring.

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