digital camera

Development process

One, ninety’s digital camera

( a ) the early products early in the nineteen sixties, “began CCD chip” research and development of aerospace industry, developed by digital Nikon D90 Digital Camera of the camera system, via satellite from space to ground sends aerospace photo. In 1969 the United States first moon pictures,Mobile Application and a special type 500EL Hassan Burt digital camera long-term stay on the moon.

1981 Sony invented the world’s first frame without photographic film of the electronic still camera — static video” Marv card” camera. This is the digital camera prototype.

1988, Fuji and Toshiba in Cologne fair, exhibiting a common development, the use of fast flash memory card Fujixs ( Fuji fucks ) digital still camera” DS1P”, in this time, Fuji, Konica, Toshiba, Olympus, Canon and other published digital camera products: such as canon, Fuji, Casio RC701 VS101 DS1P DSX, Fuji, Toshiba MC2000.

( two) in the early ninety’s products 1991 Kodak successful trial production of the world’s first digital camera, Toshiba company published 400000 pixel digital camera MC200, price 1700000 yen, this is the first market to sell digital camera.

In 1994, Kodak commercial digital camera DC40 formally published. In 1995 February Casio published 250000 pixel, 65000 yen cheap digital camera QV10, triggered the digital camera market hot. Canon EOS DCS3C came out 1995, the same year also launched EOS DCS1C, began the history of the development of Canon Digital SLR camera. 1995 officially opened the prelude to digital camera. To meet the arrival of Kodak digital camera, the board of directors of the company on 1995 to make a comprehensive development of digital scientific policy decision,Digital Marketing and in 1996 launched a joint DCS460 and DCS620X Nikon digital cameras, Canon digital camera with the launch DCS420 ( professional level).

In 1995 the world digital camera pixel only 410000; by 1996 almost doubled, to 810000 pixels, the digital camera shipments reached 500000; in 1997 increased to 1000000 pixels, digital camera to break through 1000000.

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