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Some knowledge of mobile phone battery

A lithium battery is usually considered, no memory effect, this is a manufacturer of misleading. Lithium battery still have the memory, only slight than Ni-MH battery. If used for a long time have nothing charging method, lithium battery will appear serious memory effect. Therefore, the lithium battery still have to take out recharging method to ensure the use of time

In two, the appearance of the memory phenomena can be reactivated.HK htc flyer The key here is how to discharge. First, not the easy way out with the wires of the poles of the battery short circuit, which will cause cell damage! Some chargers with discharging function, but this method has some shortcomings. Its discharge current than the mobile phone of the current work, the battery has the same injury.

It is impossible to determine whether already release complete. The best way is to use mobile phone natural discharge, it needs time. Pumping a weekend at home mobile phone when not in use, the boot let mobile phone standby state, such as its own shutdown starts up again after discharge. Usually repeated several times immediately after the boot can not, then do not think that has discharge end, mobile phone should be placed in a period of time starting up again. This repeated discharge until the mobile phone is placed over an hour still can not boot, discharge even if the basic end. Activation charge method and new mobile phone bought when the same way,HK HTC flyer p512 to charge more than ten hours, then charging two to three hours. If your time is abundant, supplementary charge can be repeated two or three times to do.

Three, don’t wait for the mobile phone use time shrank to a very short to activation, that will be because of lack of time caused by discharge is not sufficient, a battery of memory are still remnants. Upon activation of the use of time is very short. The best use of time was significantly shorter in take activation measures. For example, the new mobile phone usage time is seven days, when using time reduced to four days would be activated. Such a weekend you can easily finish the activation.

Four, sometimes the new mobile phone to buy or to activate not long after use of time is decreased obviously, this is not necessarily the memory effect, and may be caused by the bad contact of. The best in reactivated before the battery and mobile phone contact do cleaning swab paint: with a small cotton or toothpick wrapped in paper towel stained with a little alcohol swab paint can. Do not use a hard object to scratch, so it will increase the bad contact. No alcohol is available high liquor substitute. Swabbing after use paper towels immediately dry, to avoid alcohol overflow caused by short circuit between the two poles of the battery open.

Five, sometimes the battery identification spaces is not necessarily no electricity or the emergence of memory effect, there may be a mobile phone battery identification function problem. This usually occurs when the mobile phone use after a period of time, judging method is very simple : when a space do not immediately charge, wait and see whether the mobile phone quickly automatic shutdown. Of course not necessarily always check, over a period of time to pay attention to is necessary. Otherwise it will accelerate the memory effect of battery.HK toshiba tablet Of course, not all mobile phone will appear this situation.

In six, mobile phone battery mobile phone is the soft costal region, it is the mobile phone in the shortest lifespan of all components. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy the original battery replacement.

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