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A single from the screen ratio, Meizu MX will be more close to the square, so the actual area than the design of mobile phone to a large number of millet. But the present mobile phone operation mode are longitudinal more,htc flyer software is designed more to slide up and down, so the screen can display something more. And the width of the screen a little MX, its advantage is the single hand operation screen corner also easy to reach, in addition, the human eye can see the scope is limited, the 3 : 2 ratio basically can guarantee not to need to look up, down to read the entire screen.

However, we see a movie, widescreen can basically full-screen display, which is one of its advantages, can say two design are different. In addition, refer to costs, like Widescreen LCD, wider in fact material less (same size ), so the millet screen in cost must be larger than the screen of the MX low. Conversely, MX screen with higher resolution, production requirements are also higher, and due to the screen needs to be customized, without precedent, so the cost will be higher.

In the past, we do not pay attention to how the screen lattice millet, recently appeared, drew the attention of the industry. From a technical point of view,HTC flyer p512
because the millet mobile phone touch screen electrode only printed on one side of the touch-control panel, LED dot matrix is connected to single screen open electrode, relative to the now popular multi touch screen, the cost will be lower, reliability is lower. Although say this, but the actual feeling really not much difference. This is only a process result, but compared with MX, the lattice can appear more obvious, because the MX screen adopts a multi-layer touch screen structure, itself does not see the dot matrix.

Because the lattice is in the off screen, inclined at angle to see, like Meizu MX, Samsung Note partial expensive mobile phone generally does not have this problem, toshiba tablet seem to feel a little drop of millet, but the price of 1999 yuan before my eyes, and think of the lattice to usually watch nothing influence, so we should not see it as a lack of.

Meizu UI and MIUI some characteristic contrast

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