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In twentieth Century

Philips is the world’s fifth largest mobile phone company,

Philips 98 years since the first 828c listed, after 9@9 series of brilliant, to 2003 slump in six years, had a vague outline of a large international brand growth and decline of trajectory.HK htc flyer Especially 9@9 500 hour long standby time, it won the ” long gas king” title.

Beginning in 2004

Philips tried to weigh Zhen Xiongfeng, with Chinese partner CEC to straighten a relation, according to an annual average of 12 Speed new products launched. Like the 9@9 series flagship product is to bring forth the new through the old, from monochrome screen color screen, from the electronic sound to the chord tones, straight from the plate to the folding, the continuation of the 9@9 style.

No matter the future is the Philips name “foreign” still surname”,” whether it still exists in the marketplace as long, but in the history of Chinese mobile phone, 9@9 series will forever remain in history books as a representative.

The 2004 Rally

In view of the fact that in 03 years lost substantial market share, Philips in 2004 sounded” counterattack” homebred mobile phone horn, one breath introduced twelve new products, over the previous two years released a sum of products is more remarkable,HK HTC flyer p512 his ambition.

The first is the 9@9 family evolution to screen time, 9@9c become the first screen appearance of family members, also become folding, standby time also broke the original 9@9 to create the 500 hour record. According to Philips official statistics, 9@9c maximum standby time of up to 850 hours, a new generation of” long gas king”.

Life of 2006

In 2006, Philips is also vigorously develop the S series, the S800 and S880, S series of new type S900 also appears on the market this year. The machine changed before S series modeling, using the straight and simple design style, using visual area of 2.2 inches of 260000 colors, 176 x 220 resolution TFT touch screen. This design became the Philips family ‘s first use of a single touch screen handwriting operation mobile phone. The camera up to 2000000 pixels, 64 chord, support miniSD card for capacity expansion. Infrared,HK toshiba tablet Bluetooth and data line as S900 data transmission mode.

In 2007

China Electronics Corporation acquired Philips mobile phone business. Mobile phone market be raging like a storm, who admits to stand. Far Ericsson sediment, after the Japanese manufacturer has lost nearly divorce, Siemens BenQ, the above example can prove” the market is not always the winner.” this creed. The key is on, you can in the minds of consumers to leave an indelible imprint, such as Philips 9@9 series.

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