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Notebook three key data

The ability of 1.cpu, now the mainstream CPU low power consumption, operation capability is strong ( i.e. high frequency ).

2 graphics capabilities, the independent video card is good, but do you want to see how his architecture, now the mainstream nv9 series architecture than the nv8 series better, so some advanced nv8 graphics will compare the price low, see you love. If you are not afraid of heat,recycle notebook then you can buy a nv8600 equipped above the graphics computer.

3 is the heat and endurance, the importance of this relatively easily overlooked, heat of the notebook in the summer should pay attention to heat, or frequent restart will be very uncomfortable.


One, housing maintenance attention: don’t scratch shell

Notebook computer shell is usually quite smooth, some using aluminum alloy shell design is easier to maintain, usually as long as a piece of cotton cloth can enables the shell to maintain one’s original pure character, need to pay attention to is, in the moving process, be sure to use separate bag or sack of the notebook computer is installed on the way, lest the scratch shell, when in work,trade-in notebook also do laptops into the rough desktop, to protect the shell light often new, can use wet towel to wipe out shell!

Two, the maintenance of LCD note: Rinse gently wipe

Notebook computer appearance most like a notebook, folding design, inside is a display screen, the other side of the keyboard, MOUSE operating equipment, side for a variety of peripherals (such as CD-ROM, floppy drive ) and the interface ( USB, IDE, infrared interface ), the overall design following the more compact and more stylish way. In notebook computers, the most easily damaged is LCD,office furniture limited some slim portable LCD that if squeezed is easy to damage, the need to pay attention, and some use aluminum-magnesium alloy shell of the notebook computer, can withstand the pressure will be bigger.

The recommendations in general do not by any objects placed on notebook computer. In addition to prevent by extrusion, and of course to the daily cleaning, cleaning liquid crystal display preferably dipped water ( or pure water ) will not be out of soft velvet cloth gently wipe. In addition, the software using the black screen protection also is beneficial to the life of LCD.

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