glossy surface

Office chair

1: casters: ordinary caster, wheel PU ( soft material, suitable for wood flooring, and the engine room ).

2: chair legs: formwork thickness directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: spray paint, paint ( glossy surface, not easy to paint ), plating ( electroplating,office furniture limited plating wood can not ) good quality, it is not easy to rust.

3: gas bar called lifting rod, used to adjust the height of the chair and rotation.

4: chassis lift chair seat part, the connecting rod and gas.

5: the chair seat board, sponge, consisting of a fabric by. Wood quality consumers often do not feel. Sponge: renewable cotton, cotton new. 99% manufacturers are both used, more thick more hard, cost is higher, the thickness appropriate, appropriate hardness can be. Hand pressing seat: Ma Rong, fabric, net cloth, leather. Plastic frame press net cloth. Such chairs, more in line with the permeability.

6: the handrail thickness influence quality.

7: the back seat is connected ( corner ) a chair seat and a chair back is divided, with steel or steel plate connection, steel plate, usually 6mm or 8mm thick. But the width is less than 6cm thick plate, must be 8mm.

8 : the backrest frame frame, plastic frame of the chair, the net cloth made from the combination, with the permeability.

9: waist pillow embody chair comfort.

10: headrest performance chair comfort.

The daily maintenance of office chair

1 handling should light up with care, with special attention to avoid collision.

2 sedentary often should pat were sedentary sites and edge, makes it to restore the original condition, reduce the recoil is centered and sag.

Leather should be placed away from heat and should avoid direct exposure to sunlight, forbidden put in bright light exposure.

Senior office chairs often clean do not vigorously rubbing, so as not to damage the skin. For a long time or inadvertent contamination of the leather sofa, office chair, cloth dipped in the proper concentration of soap and water ( or washing powder, moisture content 40% ~ 50% ) scrub. Then wipe with water, and then use clean cloth to dry. Do not use strong decontamination products ( such as detergent, chemical solvent turpentine oil, gasoline or other inappropriate cleaning liquid ).

3 office chairs in use should try to make the center of gravity in the pressure rod is intermediate, ensure the pressure rod lifting rotating light and flexible; after long use of office chair should often check mechanism on the screws are loose, such as loose due to timely tightening; spring and the knob is loosened, the spring should be based on the user’s own weight regulation stretch, the chair back return freely, by the most comfortable margin.

The 4 is strictly prohibited in the sofa, office chair person sitting on or place heavy objects.

5 to strictly follow the instructions to regular maintenance of office chairs, so as to prolong the service life of.

6 do not take office chair for the Sunshine Underground placed too long time, it will make some plastic aging, produce hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon.

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