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Because of the different types of manuscript or printed purpose different, should use different seihan method, can economically and effectively, and the original color fidelity, even more embellished, increase the verve.

The printed edition ( Printing Plate ),printing company general ( Relief or TypographyPlate ) letterpress, planographic ( Planography or Lithography ), gravure ( Intag-lio or Gravure ) and hole Edition ( Silk Screen or Porous ) four.

Letterpress, stamped part protruding, printing to printing ink stained wood, no image part is low, make non-stick printing ink material, it can be printed. Letterpress printing and engraving Version ( Block Plate ), movable type (Movable Type ), photographic Edition ( Photoengraving ) ( Duplicate Plate ), copy and electronic engraving ( Electronic Engraving ). Typographic features, in the printing process, error detection, correction opportunity at any time, color and strong performance, a large number of printing or small printing are suitable, so much for printing books, newspapers, magazines, cards, stationery.

Sheets, image part and no image portion, in the pages of maintain the same high level, the image so as to absorb ink and reject water, no image so as to absorb moisture and resist ink, because of the water and fat cannot be mixed and mutually backwash, it can be printed. Lithographic and print edition ( Surface Plate ), gravure ( Deep-Etch Plate ), flat letterpress ( DryOffset Plate ) and other three categories.Amart wedding dresses Lithographic properties in the plate quickly, layout, convenient for larger overprinter colour, and low cost, has high print runs and expressive force of slightly less letterpress printing, but its scope, including books, newspapers, magazines can be printing, and the general picture and color printing, a few of lithographic print.

Intaglio, which partly caved in, used for storing ink, which is no part of the plane, the plane of ink, must be erased, so that no ink, printing pressure to the substrate, and the concave groove of the printing ink contact sorption on paper and printing. Gravure intaglio ( En-graving and Plate ), electroplating intaglio ( Electroplating ) and ( Photogravure ) such as gravure. Gravure characteristics, in terms of color expressive force strong, although the plate area, but beautifully printed materials. So much for printing banknotes, postage stamps, stocks and other securities and and other works of art. Because of the ink layer is higher than that of paper, photographic reproduction difficult, with forgery prevention function. Gravure, in recent years also in the business?

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Hole edition, formerly known as screen printing, silk screen, which belongs to the brush class. Ink from printing plate positive squeeze through hole and printed edition version, back ( below) of the substrate. According to plate divided transcribed hole plate, typing hole edition, serigraphy hole edition, photographic edition and other categories, such as ordinary mimeograph that belongs to the class of. Hole edition is suitable for special surface printing, such as surface, rough surface, smooth surface, metal, non-metallic surface,Man Sang Manufacturer cloth?

The future printing, may without printing plate. Such as electrostatic printing, ink-jet printing, laser printing, has now begun to put into practical.

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