bacterial infection

Acute suppurative gastritis (acute phlegmonous gastritis)

Blood is serious bacterial infection source sex of the stomach wall all of the fester sex lesions. The most common pathogenic bacteria for streptococcus, followed by staphylococcus aureus and e. coli, etc. Since antibiotic use after, the disease and its rare.

3. Acute corrosive gastritis (acute corrosive gastritis)

Is the swallow because of strong acid,Varicose Veins strong alkali or other corrosive product, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, KeXingJia or sodium, LaiSu son, chlorinated high mercury and phenolic, etc.. Patients the lips, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, the extent of damage of the from and to the chemical, concentration, dose, fasting and swallow the length of time on. Light person the performance for the mucosal hyperemia, edema and increase mucus. For serious erosion, ulcers, necrosis, even perforation.

2. Chronic gastritis classification

The naming of chronic gastritis is not uniform. According to different diagnosis methods and chronic gastritis and superficial chronic erosive gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic bile reflux gastritis, chronic gastritis, drug sex of warts gastritis, ethanol sex gastritis and so on.

In the upper published before, the main diagnostic basis is gastritis rely on clinical symptoms and upper gastrointestinal BeiCan inspection.Toilet Facial Paper Suppliers With the clinical application of fiber gastroscope, especially to the gastric mucosa by gastroscope biopsy, to more and more gastritis have a clear understanding of.

In 1982, domestic gastritis meeting according to the domestic and international experience, will chronic gastritis is divided into superficial and atrophic two kinds big. And in the naming of superficial gastritis, and often use pathology, location, and shape of the meaning of the words, such as “chronic verrucous gastritis”, “chronic hemorrhagic gastritis”, “chronic erosive gastritis”, “chronic of bile-regurgitational gastritis” and so on.

In August, 1990, held in Sydney Australia the ninth world of gastroenterology on congress, and put forward the new gastritis classification, it by histological and endoscopic two parts, histologic to pathological changes as the core, identify 3 of the basic diagnosis:

(1) the acute gastritis;

(2) the chronic gastritis;

(3) special type gastritis.Office Furniture Manufacturer Plus prefix and suffix etiology diagnosis morphological description, and inflammation, mobility and atrophy, and im melt, the helicobacter pylori infection were given degree classification. Endoscopic of longer visible description is given priority to, distinguish lesions degree respectively.

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