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Vigilant: woman angry easily lead to8 major diseases

A long, stain

When angry, blood poured into the head, so the amount of oxygen in the blood will reduce, toxins increase. While the toxin will stimulate hair follicles, causing around hair follicles in different degree of inflammation, appear thereby the problem spots.

Recommendations: encountered unhappy things, can do a deep breath, hands out, to regulate the physical state, the removal of toxins from in vitro.

Two, the brain cell aging acceleration

The large amount of blood to the brain, cerebral vascular will increase the pressure. The blood contains toxins up oxygen on brain cells, at least, no less than “poison”.

Suggestion: when the mood is bad, can find their own” buddy” complain, untangle heart depressed and unhappy, when all the displeasure is that after coming out, maybe the mood will be bright.

Three, gastric ulcer

Angry cause sympathetic nerve excitability, and the direct action on the heart and blood vessels, so that in the gastrointestinal blood flow reduction, slow movement, poor appetite, also cause serious gastric ulcer.

Suggestion : day to massage the stomach, relieving discomfort.

In four, myocardial hypoxia

A large amount of blood to the brain and face, will make the supply of blood the heart while causing a decrease of myocardial hypoxia. Heart in order to meet the needs of the body, but more work, and more irregular heartbeat, also more deadly.

Advice: try to smile, and memories of pleasure, to restore the beating heart rhythm, blood flow tends to be uniform.

In five, liver injury

When angry, the body will secrete a substance called” catecholamine”, acts on the central nervous system, so that the elevated blood glucose, fatty acid decomposition to strengthen, blood and liver cell toxin in a corresponding increase in.

Suggestion: angry when the cup of water. Water to promote the free fatty acids from the body, reducing the toxicity.

In six, caused by hyperthyroidism

Angry to endocrine system disorders, thyroid hormone that increases in the course of time, can cause hyperthyroidism.

Suggestion: relax sit down, eyes closed, do deep breathing.

Seven, lung injury

Emotional impulse, breathing is rapid, appear even the phenomenon of hyperventilation. The alveolar stop expansion, no time to shrink, also is not due to relax and rest, thereby endangering lung health.

Suggestions: focus, deep and slow breathing 5 times, let the alveolar rest.

In eight, the immune system

Angry, the brain commands the body will create a transformation from the cortex by a cholesterol sterols. If the substances accumulate in the body too much, it will impede the functioning of immune cells, let the body resistance to decline.

Suggestion: memories of doing good, as far as possible to the mentality of peace.

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