Cost cut prices is normal

” Whether the refrigerator or air conditioner, prices are more stable. But television, a holiday to come down, almost homely food. Anyway, my family bought the three television is taking advantage of promotional price buy. Really cheap thousands.” Mr. Wang said. Indeed, in the eyes of many users, television seems to be a lower price, not only the special industry.

The personage inside course of study to explain, but outside of the television industry is the presence of misunderstanding. Air conditioning refrigerator, this kind of white products,dab4d52ck compressor, plastic, copper, aluminum and other raw material prices is stick out a mile. The upstream raw material prices, the price of follow up. But the LCD TV is not. LCD TV 70% cost from the LCD screen. In recent years, the LCD panel production supply is increasing, more and more low-cost screen. So, from the cost of speaking, LCD TV price year after year decline is a normal phenomenon.

In addition, from LCD to LED, to 3D, each generation of flat panel TV have experienced R & D, application, large-scale production, until the products from such a production cycle. Moreover, with the application of new technology to accelerate, liquid crystal TV update cycle becoming shorter and shorter, flat panel TV production companies on average every3-4months will have a new listing. Old price models for popularization, new listing way, this is also the marketing strategy.

A reporter from the chain channel data obtained show, this year “five one” holiday, flat panel TV ‘s average selling price is 5000yuan, compared to the same period last year the sale price is only 4000yuan. ” Although some obsolete models of a larger decline,Air Mouse but sales of flat-panel TV structure upward, in particular, increased sales of high-end products, directly to the sales price rising.” Miss Zhang analysis.

Price sensitive enterprises have to drop

At present, companies hard to call, consumer also Hula to buy, however, flat panel TV enterprise profit road is more difficult. In China, flat panel TV margins early can reach 50%, but after several rounds of price war, flat-panel TV industry net profit rate has dropped to about 3%. According to SamSung electron 2011newspaper of money of the four seasons,2011the whole flat-panel TV sales profit rate of only 2.4%.

” Flat-panel TV industry profits thin blade.” The personage inside course of Ms. Guo self-deprecating, and a 32 inch LCD TV prices even against a coat. However, to manufacturer, profit and thin have sales, fixed costs there, even earning less, at least to withdrawal from circulation of funds.A19 LED Light Bulb SKYWORTH color TV Tianjin branch chief Pan Zhifeng simply told reporters,40 inches of liquid crystal TV sells3000 multivariate, basic is” there’s no money in it”. ” Sell a television, earn30,50 yuan not so surprising.” Insiders said, generally flat TV only in new stage has more profit, once the price products into the popularization stage, also unprofitable.

Notable is, the first quarter of this year, the domestic retail color TV size8520000, drop compared to the same period 18.6%, turnover 29700000000 yuan, drops 24.5% compared to the same period, this is the color TV industry following the 2011again after a quarter amount of Qi. ” Chinese user is extremely sensitive to the price, price pull effect is very significant, in order to do performance, forced all color TV enterprises have to drop.” Industry insiders said.

Reporter notes

The era of intelligent help domestic color TV enterprises turn over

LCD TV, TV ark, sofa, tea table,3D glasses, keyboard, mouse … … It is not who’s living room, but all color television brand counters” standard”. In this particular customer experience era, who are willing to listen to promoters stumble on product function. Go home appliance stores discovers not hard, almost all the television booth are arranged into a” living room”, lest the user does not notice the product of oneself.

Clockwork micro-blog, talk about QQ, or play a physical game, these intelligent television the most fashionable function, is almost every customer before purchase must undertake the journey. ” If the customer experience, they do not care to spend two thousand or three thousand, to get a more complete intelligent television.” Sales promotion member told reporters.

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