Technical characteristics

LED ceiling lamp with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and structure of patent technology design and production of new ceiling lamp. LED days lantern in the field of commercial lighting widely used in lighting field is still slowly permeable, home furnishing. How to choose LED days lantern is each user urgent attention. LED days lantern in the commercial lighting widely used specifications have single ( a LED lamp beads, the following analogy ),3,5,7,9,12,15, each lamp power are 1W,3W. Specifications for the use of places are not the same,dab4d53ck mainly depend on the user requirement of the brightness, irradiation distance, the width of the installation.

LED days lantern.

Technical characteristics

The use of light sources are used to the United States: low light LED as light source, in order to ensure its long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other features LED days lantern and supporting LED light source applications.

Electric shock proof grade: II

Electrical appliances as the lamp body placed: external

Light distribution types: narrow light (15° 30°) wide (45° 60 °) optional light: smooth lens (light ), Anilox lens ( half light), bead surface lens ( soft )

Connection: terminal

Installation location: Indoor

Application of places

For display of vehicles, jewelry, high-end clothing, professional windows, counters and other lighting places, is to replace the traditional tungsten halogen lamps and metal halide lamp light source.

Installation mode

1, is embedded in the ceiling

In 2, and a mounting bracket or rail as a transparent LED Floodlight or lamp use

3, plus a boom or cable used as Chandelier

LED ceiling lamp advantages and choice


In 1, LED days lantern energy. The white light consumption is only the1/10incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp1/4.

In 2, LED ceiling lamp life. Life up to 100000 hours or more, to the ordinary family lighting is ” put things right once and for all .”

In 3, LED spot light lantern can work at high speed . Energy-saving lamps if frequent startup or shutdown the filament will blackening quickly broken.

In 4, LED days lantern is a solid state encapsulation, belong to cold light source type. So it is very convenient to transport and install, can be in any micro device

Type and closed equipment, vibration resistance LED ceiling lamp, must consider heat.

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