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Exercise can improve sleep solution of anxiety mood

Professional nursing heart, from a lifestyle intervention to. Qian Weimin points out, the workplace lifestyle” standard” for dietary lack of fruits and vegetables, meat and grease content is too high, excessive salt intake, drinking, lack of exercise, smoking and mental stress.dab4d56ck Therefore, in order to protect the heart, first to pipe down, make a healthy recipes, including low salt, increased fruit and vegetables, fish and cereal fiber intake, saturated fat intake should be less than7% of total calories, cholesterol intake to less than 200 mg per day.

The second is to keep a regular schedule.

To ensure that the daily sleep time,reishi sleep enough, not only to be full of go, more people feel good. Along with age increase, decrease and put an end to stay up late at night time, studies show, staying up late can increase the likelihood of myocardial ischemia. Exercise can ease the anxiety, should be performed daily for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking.

Once again, should control weight. A in 900000 cases of object follow-up of eight years study shows, BMI between 22.5~25 in the lowest mortality rates, and greater than 25, index of each 5 increase in total mortality, increased30%.

Learn to manage emotions do not always ” sprint”

Workplace and protecting the heart can not ignore the psychological regulation. Qian Weimin points out, base, young staff should learn to manage their emotions,online ups so that the steady mentality. Pay attention to grooming negative mood, irritable, anxious emotion control interpersonal conflict, ease. The workplace to establish” protracted war ” thought, the appropriate distribution of individual effort, relaxation way, rather than” accomplish the whole task at one stroke”, from time to time in the sprint state. Completion of an urgent task after, to leave a little space to relax body and mind.

Senior managers in the heart protection is the secret to the appropriate decompression, do not let the work to entirely replace the life, to learn to treat their subordinates, so as not to job stress and negative emotions in the office appeared in the serial” spread”. It once a week, a time period, more or less, but assure yourself in this time completely will work out. For” high pressure” in terms of the crowd, when an individual cannot resolve negative emotions, should be timely to the psychological doctor for help.

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