There are always some products show ingenuity, there is always a logo so memorable, it’s — EVERGANNING rattan stories. During the meet rattan tales brand founder before, he gives a mysterious sense, however a real conversation, he is so confident, visionary, bold innovation, firm and persistent, share. He is the rattan tales furniture limited company general manager Mr Zhu Yadong.

Rattan furniture stories of Zhu Yadong of limited company general manager

Rattan tales of the factory is located in Dongguan Shek Pai Town, covers an area of about 16800 square meters. Modernization of the plant, spacious and clean,wireless keyboard to the person’s first feeling is, it is a management in modern enterprise. The factory built a small garden, is the punchline, passing vine stories relaxation combined with enterprise management.

Late start of the high starting point

On 2002, rattan tales Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, in 2006the establishment of factories, is a collection research and development, design, production, sales in a body specialized in outdoor furniture manufacturing company. Memories of the early start, and always be filled with a thousand regrets: in order to ensure high-quality products, companies from the start position is relatively high, hope that through the original design and high-quality products to achieve the true sense of the brand value. To this end, the company hires45 outstanding rattan industry, but in the face of the “high standards, strict requirements”, many employees can not adapt, a huge loss of personnel. Many of the staff and leadership of the company do not understand, why the company requirements hand-woven products must meet production machinery product standard. In the face of all the doubts, and always with employees share a customer success tips: This is a company founded in 1882, has 130 years of traditional hand-woven history of Italy enterprises, the company responsible person said: companies can be sustained development, in addition to” quality” no other tricks. Only if you put the hand-woven products made with machine products are as like as two peas, you really successful. It is this passage, has been encouraging rattan tales walking in on the high standards of product quality, strict demands on the road.

The final stay of more than 20 employees,reishi dab4d58ck has become the rattan tales a valuable wealth. Now, they have grown into various departments or important positions in the responsible person.

Starting from the source of product innovation

On the vine words story exhibition hall, display a variety of out of the ordinary product, they use Tojo Yuhiro is narrow, with coarse and fine; with the cushion and pillow abandoned the previous series of solid color, bright, color is gorgeous; rattan has its own exclusive name.

According to Zhu Zong, they have a product rattan color is very unique, named” smokey colour”, this kind of product creative inspiration from the rural old kitchen, because often in a smoky, after a considerable period of time, the kitchen top wood or wooden furniture is fumed yellow, black. This color is very special, for the performance of classical, traditional, the pursuit of classical beauty of the design work is very suitable for. So, if the story and rattan rattan factory force development, elaborate, this product debut exhibition abroad is a hit.

Rattan stories focusing on independent innovation, in the design, research and development of new products, the pursuit of individuality and the one and only. Even if the selection of materials suppliers, also will be the ability of technological innovation as the main condition In a quarter of new research and development, products will be creative ideas and material suppliers to discuss: the design in the actual production can be realized? Batch production will not be a problem? Performance is stable or not?

Zhu Zong thinks: rattan stories of success, half should be attributed to the excellent supplier. This cooperation is the innovation of the sustainable development of enterprises source, at the same time, the high demand can also promote the entire industry chain of benign loop, common to the development of a higher goal. Now, with rattan tales have maintained long-term good relations of cooperation are: VIRO, REHAU, WIN-TECH, PARA, SUNBRELLA and other international well-known outdoor materials suppliers. These suppliers are the industry leader, this combination, product innovation has played the important role of escort.

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