particulate film

As the amplification and particulate film appearance, the quality of the lens is also a corresponding increase. In 1902, Germany using the Rudolf Seidel was established in 1855three order aberration theory, and 1881Abbe on the success of high index of refraction and low dispersion optical glass, made the famous” Tesser” lens, due to a variety of aberration is reduced, so that the imaging quality is improved.IP camera manufacturer On this basis, the 1913 German barnack designed using film playing with small holes,35 mm film camera small lycra.

But this period of 35mm camera used with range finder perspective viewfinder. 19301931, Germany made of colored film; the camera is provided with the contac, triangulation principle of double image coincidence range finder, improves focusing precision, and the first use of the aluminum alloy fuselage and metal curtain shutter.

In 1935, there Aikesa Ketu single lens reflex camera, the focus and the replacement of the lens is more convenient. In order to make the camera exposure accurately, Kodak camera began in 1938with selenium cell exposure meter. In 1947, Germany began production of contac, S ridge five prism SLR camera, the viewfinder image around no longer upside down, and will be looking down on to head-up focusing and photography,PC camera manufacturerdab4d59ck the photography more convenient.

On 1956, the Federal Republic of Germany firstly made automatic control exposure of the eye camera; after 1960, the camera begins to use the electronic technology, appeared a variety of automatic exposure mode and electronic program shutter; after 1975, the camera begins to realize automatic operation.

Lens development history

Said first Leica, saying the Leica this brand without previously established in 1849,23, German mathematician Carle Kellner ( Carl Ke

Camera llner ) in Wetzlar ( Wetzlar ) to set up a ” optical association”, begin to lens and microscope development. This is the former leica. In 1869 Ernst Leitz took over the company and become the only managers, in his own name naming companies. This is the famous Leitz ( Leitz ) company. Specific say Leica (Leica ) the birth of the brand, have to say 135camera production. Oscar Barnack ( Oskar ·Barnack ),HD webcam manufacturer a German mechanic, full of wit, but also like us is a clinging perturbation friends. At the beginning of last century, the industrial revolution Shengxing, at the time of the mechanical engineer’s position is equivalent to now NASDAQ crash before the IT engineer is proud of the intellectuals in.

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