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There is a lady often sad, little things can cause anxiety, tension. The children’s performance is not good, all day worry; a few careless word, several associated will make her fell dejected. One day, she had an important meeting, but frustration linger.

She called to ask psychological doctor:” what should I do? I feel depressed, the mental state how to attend an important meeting?”

Psychological doctor told her:” the frustrating things down, wash your face, to be in the blues face wash, modify aspect to enhance self-confidence, thinking he ‘s proud of happy people. Attention, pretend to be full of confidence, you will feel better.”

She did, called to tell the doctor that night:” I successfully opened over the meeting, to strive for a new plan and work. I didn’t expect strong confidence, confidence will come true; pretend good mood, bad mood naturally disappear.”

The United States of America California University psychologists have done experiments, subjects to act surprised, disgust, sadness, anger,personal occupation fear and happy expression, found their physical and mental followed from the change.

When subjects with fear, their heart rate, skin temperature, performance of five other emotions, also have different changes.

Good mood is good health foundation, is the key to a good job, is the secret of the good life.

People in a bad mood, bad mood will be tighter;

Close to speak with people, Du Zhuozui sulk, brows locked make blind and disorderly conjectures, the mood worse, more sad.

We want to have a good mood, you must start from the original bad mood away, out of trouble dead end.

In addition, but also pay attention to our appearance: upright, raised his head, dress more modestly. Cachexia expression, with bad luck is the root cause of.

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