gas microorganisms

The United States Stanford University and Penn State University scientists say, can change electric energy into marsh gas microorganisms will be able to become the important source of renewable energy.

Two university researchers are developing a called ” methanogens ” microbial communities, they are converts electrical energy into pure methane has a remarkable ability. Goal of the scientists is to build a large plant,solar panel supplier microorganism, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy will come from clean electricity into renewable energy and other important industrial compound.

Stanford University chemical engineering and civil and environmental engineering professor Alfred Spollman said: ” the majority of today’s gas from natural gas. The industrial used by a lot of important organic molecules derived from petroleum. Our organic methods will make people no longer use these fossil resources. ”

Spohr Man expresses, although methane itself was a terrible greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, is 20 times more potent, but microbial methane can safely access and storage, solar module manufacturerdab4d61ck will to the atmosphere to minimize leakage.

He explained: ” the whole microbial processes are not containing carbon. The combustion process releases all carbon from the atmosphere, and produce biogas is used by all electricity from renewable energy and nuclear power, not containing carbon dioxide. ”

He added, can produce methane microorganism can solve large-scale renewable energy challenge: how to deal with photovoltaic power station and wind power produces excess energy.

Spohr Man said: ” there is no good way to store electrical energy. But we know, some methanogens can be directly through the current producing In other words, they make electric energy metabolites into biogas form of chemical energy, and can be stored. Understanding the metabolic process is to be carried out is the focus of our research. If we can get the methanogens large-scale manufacturing firedamp, will significantly change the situation. “

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